When developing an online business selling goods, you assume your users are used to performing some of their shopping online. Therefore, when you create your e-commerce website and delivery system it must operate smoothly from the start. You can’t afford any glitches in the system. 

Storage and distribution are a key component in any online business offering goods for sale. Customers ordering online expect their purchases as quickly as possible after they have ordered and paid, and in pristine condition. This smooth operational flow is a vital aspect of an online business. 

When a customer visits your website and orders, they need to know the turnaround time for delivery. The distribution of online orders is therefore as important as creating the sale. Promises must be fulfilled to keep a good reputation. Stock must be in a good condition, and the courier partner reliable. 

Self storage units can be used by online businesses very successfully as their storage and distribution centres of their stock. To run your operation from home would be very disruptive, what with the space taken up by storing stock, packing orders, and the comings and goings of courier services. It makes sense to use offsite storage for your online business operations. 

We at Stop & Store self storage Runcorn are well placed to be the storage and distribution partner for your online businesses in the area. We offer a range of storage unit options designed to accommodate any space requirements you may have. 

There are many benefits of using self-storage for your online business:

Reduce Expenses and Save Money

Changing trends in how people are shopping coupled with an economy in recession have caused every business to re-look at their expenses and trim overheads wherever possible. Office and warehouse rentals are one of the bigger expense categories in a business. So, if any savings can be found in this area, business owners will gladly look at the options on offer.

The commitment to signing a lease when hiring warehouses or offices involves a cash deposit. In these economic times this may be a difficult decision for some business owners to make and somewhere to cut overheads. 

This is one of the reasons why self-storage is the answer. Self-storage offers some great benefits, so before signing up a long-term option involving a lease that binds and commits your business way into the future, look at what self-storage offers you: 

  • There is no fixed contract which is a distinct advantage over traditional leases.
  • Your contract is month to month which you can renew when you need to and upsize or downsize as you.
  • A notice period of two weeks is required if you intend vacating the storage unit. 
  • Units vary in size from 12 sq feet to 200 sq feet, giving you a whole lot of flexibility
  • Unlike a lease there is no deposit that could affect your cash flow.  
  • If you move in during the month your rental amount is prorated.

Self Storage and Record Management

The cost of storage and distribution is a big factor in determining the selling price of goods. Online sales don’t have these costs and the advantage is that all the items sold can be distributed from one point. This cuts out many other channels like distributors and wholesalers or brokers and cuts down enormously on labour costs. So it appears to be an effective way to sell. 

Your online business can computerize your stock and distribution system giving an instant picture of inventory on hand, storage, shipment, and customer detail. This will give you a touch of the button information management system that gives total control of the sales and distribution system. 

Imagine the advantage you have over conventional sales channels. We don’t have to tell you that the added mark up of a distributor and retailer will mark the price of your product up through the roof. During this process, your stock may remain unsold, with you as a traditional producer having no control over your customer or being able to influence the level of service given. 

With online selling you have much more control. You deal directly with your customer, shipping as soon as you can after receiving payment. You communicate directly with your customers and retain them on a data base for purposes of marketing more of your goods to them. 

As all your transactions are computerized, you have control of all the information you need. Stock registers are replaced by integrated databases, traditional sales channels are replaced by online marketing, and feedback is immediate through customer generated feedback and rating mechanisms.

This will help keep your business model straightforward and easy to administer. Using a self-storage unit for your distribution is a cost-effective option.

Final Thoughts on Self Storage Runcorn

As an online business you have dispensed with the classic distribution channels where stock is made and sold to retail who all require stock for further distribution. This way of selling has its own drawbacks but it is the traditional way. These drawbacks include the difficulty of getting customer feedback, forecasting demand for products, and the management of returns and recalls.

Online marketing on the other hand requires one location storage, a space to pack orders, with a shipment tracking mechanism for the customer. You need an immediate means to gauge the demand of a product and having stock on hand in quantities that will meet your customers orders but not overstocked where it will collect dust. 

Self-storage at Stop & Store self storage Runcorn is one of your best options for your online business. You can access you unit any time to receive deliveries, pack stock, or even bring customers to see your operation, and this can all be distributed professionally by a courier service. What you get: 

  • You get a pin to enter the premises and are the only key holder.
  • Access is seven days a week, from 8am to 8pm.
  • Safety and security are guaranteed through CCTV monitoring and a burglar alarm system. 
  • Convenient access and good location for incoming deliveries or collections by couriers.

In addition, there are always special deals offered by Shop & Store self storage Runcorn on different sized units, helping you to start up and grow your online business.

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