Self storage can be an ideal solution for decluttering, creating more space and even setting up your own business. Although self storage is very useful in these circumstances, they offer more versatility than you may have realised.  No matter what stage of your adult life that you’re in, renting personal storage could make it easier for you to take your next step. 

The Homeowners

Buying your first home is one of the most exciting purchases you’ll ever make. Many of us will start at the bottom of the property ladder by purchasing a fixer-upper. If your home is in need of renovations, packing away furniture, artwork, or clothing into storage can make it easier for you or your builders to get on with the task at hand. It could even result in the project completing more quickly. 

When a couple decide to move in together, they may each bring with them a full set of furniture. Rather than giving the surplus away prematurely, place it into storage until you have had a chance to decide which pieces best suit the new home you are making together.

The Travellers

If you find yourself with itchy feet, the last thing you want to do is live with regrets. You might want to make the most of being able to be spontaneous before you settle down with children. If you go away for an extended period of travel, consider renting your house out. Your tenants will take care of the everyday running of your home, and contribute to your mortgage whilst you’re on the other side of the world. 

Choosing to store precious heirlooms and antique furniture in a storage room means you won’t need to worry about theft or accidental damage whilst you’re travelling. If you want to rent the property unfurnished, move all of your possessions into a household storage unit where you know it will be safe and secure until you return.

The Parents

Having a young family can be an exhausting time as changes seem to occur rapidly. Children grow quickly, and furniture or toys that fit them one month, may not be suitable the next. Cots, pushchairs and Jumperoos all take up a lot of space and, if they’re no longer needed, they can make your house feel cluttered. 

But all of these items are expensive. If you are considering having another baby, place the outgrown items in storage rather than selling or donating them. Renting a small unit allows you to keep everything you might need for subsequent children, at an affordable price.

The Entrepreneur

Whether you’ve been employed for years, or are only just starting your career journey, you may have a nagging idea at the back of your mind. Starting your own business and being your own boss is a very appealing idea. If you decide to take the plunge, your budding business may quickly outgrow your spare bedroom, garden shed, or garage. You may find yourself in need of storage for overflow stock, or even in need of somewhere to work from. Working from a business storage unit is becoming more popular, and plenty of people manage to create a work haven within a storage room. 

Budget storage offers an affordable option for those in need of more space whilst still building a business from scratch.

The Empty Nest

When your child spreads their wings, and leaves home for university or a job it will most likely feel like a big deal. Mixed in with anxiety, you may also feel a little excitement at the grand plans you have for your child’s old bedroom. 

Home office, gym or cinema, you can make use of a bedroom that is no longer being regularly used. However, it’s worthwhile holding on to bulky furniture including beds and wardrobes, as these could help your child set up their own first home in a few years’ time. Rather than struggling to get furniture into the loft, or risking damp in the garage, budget storage offers a convenient way to look after furniture until your child is ready for them.

The Adventurers

Adventuring can occur at any stage in life. Camping, surfing, skiing, and cycling appeal to individuals, couples, and families of all ages. Each of these hobbies can see you amassing a huge amount of kit over the years. Once your loft or garage is so full, you can barely see what you’ve got, you may need to seek an alternative. 

Self storage is a great option, even if you need your kit every weekend. Careful organisation of your equipment using labels, shelving, and pallets mean you can grab exactly the right kit for every adventure. If you think you might need your tent at the last minute, look for a storage facility with flexible opening hours, or even 24/7 access. That way you know you’ll always be ready to head out if the weekend weather forecast suddenly looks good.

The Downsizers

There are many reasons why you might need or want to downsize. Relationship breakdowns, financial difficulties, mobility problems, or a desire to live in a smaller property could all lead you to look at downsizing. 

Typically, people who downsize find that they own more furniture than they can fit in their new home. Rather than giving it away or selling it, placing it in storage gives you the time to decide whether you want to keep it long term. This may be particularly important if you are going through a stressful life event such as a divorce, or new health diagnosis. Some people may choose to hold on to certain items in order to pass them on to children or grandchildren once they have their own homes. Others may wish to live in their new property for a while to see which items of furniture will work best in their new home, before deciding what to part with.

Stop and Store

At Stop and Store, we have storage units ranging in size from 12 to 200 square feet. Our staff can help you decide on the best sized unit and location within the facility, depending on your personal requirements. Our customers benefit from units that are monitored via CCTV,  have individual alarms, and an intruder alarm.

No matter what stage of life you are in, we can help to ensure self storage works for you, your family, or your business. 

Call us today to see why residents of Titchfield, Wickham, and Gosport are taking advantage of our secure storage facility in the heart of Fareham.