Are you a student at college?

This is a busy time of year for you if you are already a student. The academic year is coming to an end which means deadlines are looming for your research papers. You need to study for exams. Final holiday plans are being made. And on top of it all, you will have to start packing up your dorm room or apartment for the summer break.

The question is what to do with the stuff you have accumulated throughout the year. There are textbooks, clothing and bedding, electronics, and maybe even furniture such as a bed, desk, maybe a fridge, and other kitchen equipment to consider.  These items have to be packed up and moved out of your digs or your dorm room as student accommodation typically doesn’t allow for anything to be left over for the long summer break.

Are you preparing for college?

You may be preparing to leave home for the first time to attend university at the end of the summer. This is the beginning of an exciting chapter in your life. The next few years will mean you will be working hard but also finding your independence. Studying and socialising will make this experience fulfilling. It is a rewarding time in which you will make lifelong friends, achieve the knowledge for embarking on your career, and learn to live and cope on your own.

Many students move to a college or university far away from home, which means living in another part of the country. This is a big move that requires planning. There will be many household and personal items that you need to take with you to make your life comfortable.

You may need more than just your personal clothing when embarking on your university journey. Things such as a kettle, some basic crockery, and your bedding, and depending on where you are planning on living, you may need furniture such as a bed, a desk, a bookcase, and a few chairs.

How a student can solve a lack of space problem with self storage

One of the most common problems that a student will find is where to put all their stuff. Even if you don’t take all of your possessions the space that is allocated to you in your digs or university dorm is very limited.

Your parents may also not be so keen to have all your old stuff at home as they are ready to clear out your old room to turn it into a spare room for visitors.

As a college student, a solution to this problem is to hire a small storage unit at a self storage facility near your university. This will mean that you don’t have to leave anything you need at home, such as your golf clubs and other sporting equipment. You can keep these bulky items in your unit during the year where you will have easy access to them as and when you need them. You can pack your seasonal clothing into your unit as well.

And at the end of the academic year, instead of hauling all your belongings back home for the summer and cluttering up your parent’s home, you can pack the contents of your room into your unit.

Are you taking a sabbatical?

Many students take a sabbatical after they have finished their studies. What an ideal time to take some time off to travel the world, explore new countries, learn about new cultures, and experience new things. It is something you won’t ever regret doing.

So, whether you are taking a few months off or a year, you will need a place to keep your belongings safe until you get back. Consider renting a self storage unit for the long term if you need help with the storage of your stuff during your sabbatical.

Save on storage costs by sharing a unit with your roommate

This is a great way to save on costs if you are on a strict student budget. Sharing a unit with someone that you trust will save you money. And an extra bonus is that you will have an extra pair of hands on move day to help you with loading and offloading boxes and furniture.

How to pack for your self storage unit

  • Use sturdy cardboard boxes or plastic containers to pack your belongings into.
  • Wrap any fragile items in bubble wrap or blankets.
  • Avoid using garbage bags to pack clothing etc. as they tend to disintegrate. Your clothing will be left strewn all over the place leaving your storage unit in a mess.
  • Place heavy boxes at the bottom of a stack with the lighter ones on top. Store any boxes with items that you may wish to access while in storage at the front of the unit.
  • Leave an aisle or some space to move around in your unit. You don’t want to have to unpack your entire unit into the passage in order to access a particular item.
  • The most important tip is to label your boxes with what you have packed in them. The more detailed you make this, the better.

Stop & Store Fareham Is There to Assist Students for Self Storage

Here are some of the reasons to use our self storage facility for the storage of your goods.

  • You don’t want to lose any of your goods to theft, so security is important. Our storage facility is completely secured and protected by monitored CCTV cameras and intruder alarms, so you can be sure your belongings are safe.
  • Our units vary in size from 12 sq ft to 200 sq ft. To assist you make the right decision as to the size of the storage unit you will need there is a handy space calculator on our website. We will be happy to assist you with any queries you may have regarding the correct size storage unit, so please contact us for further information.
  • We offer both short and long-term storage, so whether you need a few months or longer, we can accommodate you. No deposits are required.
  • Our units are safe and dry to keep your belongings from being damaged.
  • Stop & Store Fareham is centrally situated in the Thackeray Mall, in the heart of the town. We are user friendly making the unloading and loading of your goods easy. Our road access is handy.

Address: Thackeray Mall, Unit C (First Floor) 26a, Fareham PO16 0PQ, United Kingdom

Tel: 01329 556174