Whether in business or at home, keeping your inventory and possessions secure is our ongoing responsibility. In most instances costly insurance is paid monthly to cover the potential loss of goods which can possibly be caused by theft, fire, or some other unforeseen circumstances.

Insurance is just one of those things in life we must budget for, and most of us take the insurance for granted. It is normally stipulated in the insurance contract that some form of security, like a tracking device in a car or alarm system at home or the business, is a prerequisite.

The physical safety of these goods will first need some form of protection to appease the insurer. It’s a way of providing some form of protection against losses that may occur.

When having to use off-site third-party storage, the onus will be on that storage facility to provide the essentials that a renter, along with the renter’s insurance company need for adequate safety.

At Stop & Store Penrith we are geared up to provide the secure storage that is required. Our advanced storage security monitoring systems are designed to satisfy all the security protocols needed. This is what should be expected from a top self storage company.

Security and Trust

Security is the number one parameter that needs to be considered by a customer who wants to rent a self storage facility.

Trust is another. The customer is entrusting their valuable possessions into the safe hands of the storage facility. Even though the customer may cover the off-site storage by means of insurance, it still comes down to having the peace of mind that the goods will be safe when in the storage unit.

At Stop & Store Penrith we take these two issues very seriously. Our storage facility is in a fenced area, securely gated for access, and our self storage units are inside a building on the property.

The units themselves are made of steel which has a heavy door protected by a tough steel security bar that accommodates two locks. We have taken special care and attention to every security detail necessary to satisfy the most stringent of security requirements.

Client trust is earned over time. It forms the basis of a company’s reputation. Stop & Store Penrith is a highly reputable self storage company with a fine track record. Earning our reputation comes from a 100% success record in storage.

We aim for the best, there is nothing more important to us than security and client trust.

Storage of Valuables

Self storage is widely used for the storage of an array of goods, many of them valuable. This indicates the level of security and trust that clients have in self storage facilities. Here are some tips for storing valuables in self-storage.

1. Choose What to Store

When it comes to valuables, make sure that you can insure them if you are going to use self-storage. Artworks, antiques, and jewellery are expensive possessions that could be safely stored in a self storage unit. If the jewellery is small enough to be stored in a safe, this may be a better option. The same applies to any cash you may want to store. Even though self storage may be secure, it’s always best to store any cash in a safe.

Remember any stored goods that are made of canvas, textiles or materials that could perish must be protected whilst in storage.

There are several items that you should never store with your valuables. This advice is given to protect the valuable items from being in danger of damage. This includes the storage of any perishable foods and plant material that may decompose or attract insects or rodents.

Naturally, anything that is hazardous is not permitted to be stored in a self storage unit. This would include pool chemicals, petrol, gas, or anything flammable. These are strict rules that would normally be in the fine print of your self storage contract.

Questions to Ask When You Choose Your Storage Facility

How can one be sure that the storage facility will be reliable and keep your possessions secure? There are some questions to be asked.

  • Reputation: Does the storage facility enjoy a sound reputation, and have you checked the reviews on the Company website. What impression do you get when you phone the self storage company? Are the staff professional and helpful?
  • Security: What does the storage facility guarantee about the safety and security of goods stored there, and what security measures do they have in place?
  • Lighting: Often forgotten about but equally as important. The storage facility should be well lit, especially from a security point of view. It’s no use having security cameras when the subjects being surveyed are not visible because it’s too dark.
  • Do you feel the Company is serious about keeping your goods safe and secure? Do they offer controlled access, and what is the procedure when you want to visit your unit?

Lastly, a word about insurance.

Irrespective of whether you feel the self storage facility is secure, it’s always good to take insurance. The fact is that theft occurs everywhere, and unforeseen weather conditions are known to occur.  With adequate insurance you have peace of mind, and it’s a fraction of the price of having to replace anything should something go wrong.

Rent a Storage Unit

Ok, now you are ready to store your goods securely. Stop & Store Penrith is a reliable storage facility just outside Penrith on the A66. When you want to rent a storage unit, all you must do is go online and book. Send us your details, a contract is drawn up for your signature and payment. Once done we send you and access code, and you are in! Our storage prices are reasonable.

The contracts run month-to-month with no deposit required.

Give us a call today for a no obligation quotation on 01768 800291 or find us on https://www.stopandstore.co.uk/penrith-storage/