Any good business is backed up by a sound administration. While this function might not be as glamorous as marketing and production, it is just as important.

Administration always means paper, files, and records. Over time these can mount up pretty quickly. It means that space becomes a premium, and you’ll need to start looking into getting some secure business storage.

With documents being generated all the time, it’s not difficult to imagine what sort of space is needed to store them. In these days of technology fortunately some of them can be stored electronically, but there is often a need to keep hard copies for a lengthy period.

When establishing a business, responsible operators are advised to get a business storage system in place from the start. This saves a mess later. Allocating storage space for documents would seem a waste of space that could be used for more productive things like an office for staff.

Creating a secure space for documents is a necessary requirement, as almost all these documents form part of the proof you need when there is a query or request from clients or authorities for something. Having them organised in a dedicated business storage locker is key to staying efficient.

One completely safe place to store documents is in a self storage unit. Stop & Store Penrith is very conveniently located to serve the document storage needs of local businesses. The self storage facility has a well-established business storage infrastructure designed to keep many kinds of stored goods secure, including documents.

Being Organised, Securing Your Documents

Being organised from the start will put you ahead of the game and save you time and money later. When you must search for documents, it causes frustration and wastes time. However, it is good to know exactly which documents we are talking about so that you can do the right thing from the start.

These will vary from business to business. For example, if you are in the food manufacturing business, then there is a mountain of paper to be kept for inspectors to be able to verify your processes and accredit your business accordingly. However, there are common documents that apply to very business, let’s see what they are:

Documents that are related to tax matters come to mind first. Every receipt for the business needs to be kept. The paperwork that leads to the compilation of documents that makes up the financial statements of the business and the human resource records need keeping in a dedicated business storage space.

As no one knows when the taxman will do an inspection or require physical proof, it’s best to be ready all the time. This means being organised, keeping your documents safe 24/7.

Why Safe Business Storage is Important

The reality is that documents have information that could be used by others for devious purposes. Hacking and cybersecurity are becoming bigger issues, and while some of your information may be stored on the Cloud, keeping it safe is of critical importance.

With the documents safely stored there is little chance that someone could use the confidential information of the business.

For example, the human resources records would contain personal information of your employees, their back account and social security numbers. Bank records and accounting documents must be safe from prying eyes.

Digital and Physical Storage

When trying to reduce the paper build up and save on physical storage space there are several decisions to be made about where to store what information. Obviously, the aim is to become as paper-use efficient as possible. This implies that as much as possible should be stored using cloud-based technology.

It is ill advised to only have one hard copy of all your documents, and where it is a requirement to have hard copies, scan them and keep them digitally as well. Of course, digital storage will reduce the chances of losing data, but keeping things digitally is a great way to save space..

The trick is to file immediately and not let any filing be lying around for more than five days. Again, it means being highly organised and focused on the routine associated with safe business storage practices.

Physical storage of business documents requires a secure place that is dry and free of any chance of infestation by vermin or insects. This is needed to ensure that the integrity and condition of the documents is maintained. When documents are exposed to light they may begin to fade, so this element needs consideration too. Therefore, a self storage unit is so well suited for business purposes.

One could be tempted to think that self storage would be an added expense to the business, but in fact it is the opposite. Renting a dedicated business storage unit is cheaper than hiring office space, and besides as a business owner you’d want to have as much space available to you for your office activities.

Businesses wouldn’t think twice about investing in quality cloud storage, so why not put the same thought into physical storage

Stop & Store Penrith is the Answer for Business Storage

The benefit to business owners is the speed and flexibility that self storage unit rentals offer.

Once you have made up your mind that a self storage unit will be the solution to your storage needs, occupying one only takes a few hours. It is flexible in that there is no long-term commitment needed when you rent. You are sure to find that Stop & Store Penrith will provide the answer to your needs. Our storage facility is located on the perimeter of Penrith down the road on the A66. This position makes the self storage unit conveniently accessible from all directions.

Short term storage means a month at a time, while long term could be a year or more, the duration is for you to choose. There could be special incentives to stay for periods of longer than two months, so we encourage you to enquire when you call or make the online enquiry.

We don’t ask for deposits and our charges are for a month at a time, with no restrictive contracts.

Give us a call today for a no obligation quotation on 01768 800291 or find us on