Living in a smaller home can be a cosy, comfortable way to live. However, the downside of a small home is the limited storage space that comes with it. We need to live comfortably in a way that suits our lifestyle, and there’s nothing suitable about being surrounded in clutter that you cannot hide. Living in smaller spaces doesn’t mean you’re doomed to live in the piles of clutter in the home, it just means that you need to be a little more savvy about the storage options that you can utilise. With Fareham Storage, and some secret storage hacks, you can find some clever ways to store your belongings.

Storage Ottomans

The best thing about storage ottomans is that they are dual-use. They’re not just an additional seating area, but the storage space allows you to hold your books, extra linen or seasonal belongings. In living rooms, ottomans under the window provide an extra seat for you and any guests, but they also have the depth that you want to hold books, records, and other trinkets. Not only are they excellent for storage, but they can be aesthetically pleasing, fitting in nicely to your decor theme,

Staircase Drawers

Here at Fareham storage, we have found some innovative ways to store the clutter in the home, but storage drawers in or under your staircase are one of the best. You can choose to store anything you like in the drawers leading to the upper levels of the home, and staircase drawers are an excellent way to conceal your home storage, too.

staircase storage

Hollowed-Out Headboards

The headboard of your bed is the last place you would think to store your belongings, but some smart bed designs have created hollowed-out headboards for storage. This eliminates the need for bedside tables and increases your places to hide your books and other belongings.

hollowed-out headboard

Under The Bed

Some beds are even further optimised for storage with the timeless design of under-the-bed storage. Either drawers that slide under the bed or lifting the whole mattress up are some classic storage bed functions that will allow you to  store whatever you like under your bed. The added bonus here is that you free up the floor space that other furniture would have taken up, and if you don’t have the floor space, that’s even better!

under-bed storage

Fareham Storage

Aside from storage inside the home, you can utilise storage units to clear up space in your home. Permanent and temporary storage is a great way to store older belongings that you rarely use, or seasonal items that you use occasionally.Using Fareham Storage while you renovate or build that storage staircases is a smart thing to do. Not only will your belongings be safe in a temperature-controlled environment, but you’ll have peace-of-mind knowing that your items have a home while you build yours.

With Fareham Storage, your excess belongings remain safe, and your home can feel spacious once again.