Owning a large family home can become a bit of a burden as we get older, and our children leave home to set up their own homes. What used to be a home full of activity has become a quiet place with much of the space unoccupied for most of the time. Maintenance becomes a burden, with the upkeep of the garden and the interior taking up too much time. Self Storage Grimsby

Reaching retirement age can be looked at as an opportunity for positive change. Selling your large house in order to downsize will release funds to make your retirement more comfortable. You will have more free time to pursue your hobbies when you don’t have to spend so much time maintaining a large property. 

Downsizing to a smaller house will lead to logistical problems when the contents of the current house won’t fit into your new smaller space. Many of our possessions have monetary and sentimental value and this is the most difficult part of a downsize. In many instances, our children may not be in a position to take the pieces they want over as they don’t have space to take them, so it’s often a dilemma as to what to do with them.

As parents, when selling the property, it is expected that some equity will be released. These funds could be used for a long-awaited trip or a gift to the children to save on inheritance tax later. In all downsizing can be stressful. However, we have a few pointers to help you make it easy for yourself.

Where to Downsize to? Storage Grimsby

Retirement homes sometimes have long waiting lists as they are in short supply. At times one may become available at short notice and if you are in the right place at the right time you will be able to acquire one. Most people find it preferable to downsize to a location close to family and friends. 

Retirement facilities have many benefits such as social activities to keep people engaged and are well-designed for older persons. But a smaller house could be suitable for people who are still active and who value their independence.

Stop & Store self storage Grimsby is a great option for downsizers to store excess household belongings and furniture until a final decision is made. 

Packing up

Many homeowners that have stayed in the same house for many years will have accumulated a lot of possessions. Unfortunately, not everything can be accommodated in your downsized new home, so you have to deal with these items, either by selling them in a garage sale or online or by donating them to charity shops.

For the items that you wish to pass on to the family and the family members are not yet ready to take them, hiring a self-storage unit could be your best option. It is a cost-effective way to gain a bit more time until the family members’ circumstances allow them to accommodate these items. 

Once you have removed the items you wish to keep into self-storage and decided on which belongings and furniture you wish to take with you to your new home, it is time to clean out your clutter and throw out what you don’t need anymore. 

Definite Clear out Items

  • Old Clothes and Linen

In all our cupboards are clothes, shoes, and old linen and towels and shoes that are seldom used but are kept “for just in case”. Take this opportunity to donate these old items to a charity shop as taking them to your new house doesn’t make sense.

  • Broken Furniture

You are sure to have some broken furniture that you intend to fix one day. Well, the time is up, too late. Time to offload this stuff for your local junk-hauler to collect. 

  • Outdated Electronic Equipment

Look for all your obsolete electronics like old mobile phones, computer screens, old radios and recorders that have been replaced with new technology but are stashed in a cupboard somewhere. This is the time to get them to your e-waste collector as these items cannot be tossed out with your garbage.

  • Kids’ Stuff

The days of kids’ stay overs may be over so sorting this stuff out is difficult emotionally but has to be done. It may be difficult but just think of the joy you will bring to someone else if you donate them to a worthy charity. 

  • Kitchen Appliances

We all have those kitchen appliances that do not work anymore but are kept just in case they can be fixed. But those blenders, microwaves, and other equipment that have given you faithful service but can’t be fixed must go now. 

  • Reading materials 

Your house is sure to be choked up with out-of-date magazines, books that are long read and lots of old papers just take up space. Send them to be recycled, while charity shops will be very pleased to have a donation of your books and magazines. 

  • Garage Junk

It is likely that your new smaller home will have a smaller garage so now is the time to tackle that garage, get rid of anything you will no longer be needing, and taking only the items you really need with you. 

  • The Garden Shed

If you have a garden shed at home, this will take a day or two to clear out. It’s unlikely that you will need tools like lawnmowers and other equipment when you move to a smaller space.

Final Thoughts 

The saying “look forward, not back” applies to downsizing. Your goal is to improve your circumstances, reduce the burdens a large house brings with it, and enjoy the new journey. Important considerations may include choosing a place near your friends and family and moving to a place with the amenities you desire. 

Before you are tempted to dispose of your possessions quickly, putting them in storage will give you some time to make your final decision. Keep them until you are assured of getting the right price for them or finding a good home for them.

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