The popularity of self storage has risen dramatically over the past few years, not only in the UK but all over the world. The reason for this is that it is a solution to so many of our storage problems. It is not only affordable, but the process of hiring a unit is quick and simple. In fact if you need storage in a hurry, you can secure a unit on the same day.

Many people may think of self storage as just a dumping place for belongings that we may not even remember owning, whereas in reality, a storage unit can act as a life saver during certain times of our lives. If used thoughtfully, a self storage unit can help during so many of life’s crisis moments.

New houses in the UK are getting smaller but our desire to acquire stuff is going nowhere. In fact it is the opposite. Whether it is clothes, furniture, electronic equipment, or toys for our children, we want it all and we are buying more and more of these items.

We need to keep this stuff somewhere and buying a bigger house is not always a practical or affordable option. Storing our stuff in self storage is what many people are doing now. It acts as a garage or an attic for people that do not have one.

Thinking of Renting a Self Storage Unit? Here are some of the circumstances when people need a storage unit

  • Moving to a new address is one of the main reasons why people make use of a self storage unit. Relocating is a disruptive, stressful time for anyone to go through, but it is made even worse by not having anywhere to store your belongings if the dates of when you vacate your present house do not coincide with when you can move into your new place. Renting one of our units at Stop & Store Kendal will solve this problem for you because you can use your unit for long term or short term storage so even if you only need it for a few weeks it is possible.
  • Before you move, you may need to sell your house. Before showing your house how about storing the clutter and personal items in storage space so that your space is presented in the best light possible. A tidy, well organised home will certainly appeal to more buyers than an untidy mess. And who knows, you may even get a higher price for your house.
  • Self storage space is not only for householders, but also for business owners who are moving premises. Store your office furniture and all of your electronic equipment safely in a storage facility that offers good security.
  • If you are downsizing due to a divorce or a death of a spouse it may be difficult to make immediate decisions as to what to sell off and what to keep during this emotionally difficult time. Rather place your belongings in storage until you feel ready to make these difficult decisions. It will also give time for the legalities to be sorted out.
  • With the directive of working from home seemingly permanent, at least for the foreseeable future, it is worth putting in the effort to fix up a home office that will work well for you. You will most probably set it up in a spare room and will need to get rid of some furniture. By storing these belongings and extra furniture in a self storage unit you won’t have to get rid of them permanently.
  • For all the camping, kayaking, boating, and fishing enthusiasts who wish to store their equipment safely while not in use, hiring a self storage unit in our facility is the answer to this problem. You can also store your bikes and skis after your holiday in the Lakes. They will be kept safely and free from damage and be ready for your next visit.
  • Kendal has many holiday lets and homes which need to be renovated or redecorated from time to time. Using a self storage unit at Stop & Store Kendal will keep your furniture safe from being damaged while carrying out renovations or even repainting. Renovators can use the storage unit for as long as they need it, and then just fetch the furniture and other belongings when the project is complete.

Rent Storage Space at Stop & Store Kendal

As is evident, renting a self storage unit at our facility at Stop & Store Kendal can assist you through many difficult or challenging times. When you feel you are running out of space at home to keep all your belongings safely, consider renting a self storage unit in our new facility.

Our units are fully galvanized, and each storage unit is insulated with a thermal container liner. This liner is designed to reflect excess heat or cold away and will keep the contents of your storage unit at an ambient temperature.

Our storage units are located in a fenced and gated yard. The storage units are constructed of steel and benefit from two locks plus a heavy-duty security bar across the door. They are monitored by CCTV cameras so you can rest assured that our security systems are top of the range and your belongings are safe.

Renting a self storage unit at the new facility is easy. Book and pay online and we will send you your PIN code. Your first month’s rent is prorated and thereafter deductions are automatically made from your card.

There are no hidden costs. The price you see is the price you pay.

Stop & Store Kendal self storage facility will be opening in the new year at Beckside Business Park, Gatebeck, Kendal, Cumbria, LA8 0HR.

For your convenience, access is Monday to Sunday, 8 am to 6 pm.

If you would like to rent a unit, please contact us on

Phone Number  01539 766277