Keeping a house or a place of business clean and orderly is a continuous job. Whether you do it yourself of have someone dedicated to doing this it has to be done regularly. But just cleaning is different to arranging and maintaining your areas as it happens when more and more unwanted items come into the working space which end up making areas cluttered and untidy.

If this sounds familiar, then it’s clear that in amongst the cleaning schedule there should days allocated to clearing out the old and unused in order to keep areas free flowing and clear of the unnecessary things that are in the way.

In the end you are likely to end up with a pile of junk that needs to be dealt with in some way or another. To help you organize this superfluous stuff, there are come easy guidelines to follow to help you do it properly.

Whether you discard it or store it the same rules apply. Keeping your excess goods is likely to require some extra space somewhere, like a self storage unit, and disposing of it needs to be done in a planned way.

At Stop & Store Penrith we conveniently store your goods at a storage facility just on the perimeter of Penrith town, making it easy to solve the problem of excess goods storage.

In order to make the most use of space at home or work, and keep it in an orderly condition, and even using storage space in a self storage unit, best follow the tried and tested ways that have worked so well for homeowners and businesspeople over time:

Tips for Organizing Your Home or Business

Best to start by doing some heavy lifting. First take the bulky items like furniture and carpets and put them out of the way, making gaps for you to work in. This way there will be a clearer picture of the job at hand.

At the same time, you will get a good feel for what you can chuck and what you still need. It also gives you the opportunity to conduct a good clean up as you have cleared the spaces where dirt would have collected.

For your goods, there will be a three-way destination for everything:

  • Donate or sell what you don’t need
  • Clean up and throw away the junk you cannot do anything with
  • Keep the rest safely but first prepare it for storage to ensure it lasts well

Which ever you choose the end goal is to have a streamlined home environment or a business that is leaner and rid of unnecessary clutter, making space for more productive activities.

Do’s and Don’ts of Storage Facility

Next up is to find the right place to store your goods. This is where it is important to find the right self storage facility to suit your needs. As this is a cheap storage option in the Penrith area, it’s advisable to find one that is accessible. By this it is meant that the offloading and loading should be user friendly, and the location of the storage facility should be within easy reach of where you are.

  • Some do’s

It’s not advisable to store dirty things, so a good cleaning of your belongings is recommended before you decide to pack up your goods for storage. Make sure everything is bone dry before you pack it up, as there must be no chance of mould developing while your goods are in storage.

Get the packing materials on hand, such as bubble wrap, boxes, and tape. Its always a good plan to use boxes that are the same for ease of packing to help with systematic packing in a self storage unit.

Have a book handy to write down what is packed where for easy location if you need anything when in storage. Having an inventory is essential because you need to be organized.

It’s also advisable to disassemble the working parts of any appliances or for example the legs of furniture so that packing and stacking is made easier.

Taking care of fragile items by wrapping them carefully in bubble wrap will help ensure that they get to their destination unharmed.

Do prepare your storage area by putting down a tarp on the floor to prevent any subsurface water or moisture from seeping into your stored goods. If you don’t have a trap, pallets or plastic will also do the job.

  • Some Don’ts

Anything that’s perishable like foods or substances that can deteriorate while in storage are likely to attract vermin or other pests. These would not be suitable for storage.

Plants are also not suited for self storage unit, while anything that is wet or attracts water should not be stored in one. Machinery and equipment that use any form of fuel like a quad bike or a lawnmower should be free of its petrol when going into storage as anything that is flammable is dangerous.

Self storage facilities have a good reputation and are not places where anything illegal should be stored. This includes vehicles that are not properly licensed or registered. At the same time there is no place for any form of weaponry or ammunition, as this by law is illegal.

Helping Streamline with Self Storage Facility

It is often said that working efficiently in an organized environment makes for much better productivity than a place where everything is all over the place. However, in the daily rush and grind it is easy for us to neglect the cleanliness and to be in an ordered and systemized situation at our homes and businesses.

On the one hand it’s good to find a home for stuff we don’t use, but on the other throwing something out when there may be a use for it sometime in the future is a waste of money.

Finding a self storage facility that is conveniently located and offers a good storage deal in Penrith is a good option to have on hand when you need to find a home to store the goods you don’t want to get rid of.

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