If you have your own business, you can quickly find that your home is becoming over-run with stock, equipment or other business paraphernalia. It may surprise you to learn that renting a secure storage unit is an ideal solution for a wide variety of professionals. Here we take a look at 12 businesses that you can successfully launch, run or manage from Stop and Store in Fareham.

1. Online Shop

Clothes, personalised pictures and bespoke jewellery are all the rage at the moment with online stores including Amazon, eBay and Etsy providing platforms for those looking to sell their products. As your business begins to flourish, you’ll want a safe place to store your stock, and a storage unit is ideal. Dry, secure and with extended opening hours, it’s easy to see why Stop and Store is popular with business owners in Fareham and the surrounding areas. You can even install shelving units or other storage systems to make it easier to keep on top of your orders and current stock.

2. Artists

As an artist, you will know how much space your equipment takes up, alongside paints, brushes and other craft materials. Moreover, there will be some items that you do not use regularly. You may be sick of these cluttering up your spare bedroom, garage or loft. Moving them into budget storage is an affordable way to hold onto your materials whilst creating space.

3. Photographers

Hiring a professional photographer has become popular with families, couples and professionals looking for headshots or website photography. As a photographer, you’ll know that renting a studio is expensive. You may therefore be pleasantly surprised at how well a cheap storage unit can work as a cost-effective alternative. Rent one of our larger storage units and then simply bring your camera, backdrop and lighting equipment before making yourself at home. Even better, there’s no need to clear away your equipment at the end of a session.

4. Writers

A storage unit can be anything you make it. As a writer you can bring your desk, laptop, printer, armchair, bookcase and whatever else you need to get your creativity flowing. At home, there are always distractions such as unloading the dishwasher or putting the kids’ toys away. Alternatives such as working in coffee shops or hot desking can become expensive choices. By renting a storage unit, you can dedicate a full day to getting the words down on paper and making great progress without breaking the bank.

5. Vloggers

Vlogging is the new way to get yourself seen, but trying to find somewhere to film the perfect video without distractions or unwanted background noise can be difficult. Much like photographers, you can set up your own vlogging studio from within a storage unit. By using a permanent backdrop, you can alter your video backgrounds with ease to drive traffic to your site. Even better, set up your editing studio within the unit, and get everything filmed, edited and uploaded all from one convenient location.

6. Contractors or Builders

A tradesperson’s van can become a Tardis of equipment. Once the van is full it can be extremely heavy, and all that extra weight will be costing you in fuel. It is likely that some items of equipment are rarely used, and so these could be placed into a storage unit. When you next need the item, you can easily collect it as Stop and Store is open seven days a week. Freeing up space in the van can also make it much easier to get to the items that you do use every day.

7. Dance and Theatre Companies

Putting on a show often requires a large volume of props, costumes and lighting or sound equipment. Many smaller companies will not have the luxury of their own theatre, and so costumes or props may be distributed in various lofts, garages and wardrobes. A far easier solution is to store all of the items together in a storage unit. When showtime rolls around, you’ll be able to retrieve everything you need from one place, saving time and reducing stress levels.

8. Event Organiser

Running an events company requires extreme levels of organisation. Having a dedicated storage space for business cards, client details, flyers and information as well as your advertising materials is a great way to keep on top of everything. Better still, you could choose to complete all of your admin from within your storage unit, so that all of your information is exactly where you need it, when you need it.

9. Antiques Dealer

There is great demand for antique furniture, including items that have been upcycled to create more modern-looking pieces. As your business grows, storing bulky furniture and other stock can pose an issue. Although your garage might be a tempting option, this can put antique furniture at risk of damage from damp or pests including insects and rodents. Placing valuable items into storage can help to protect them until they are sold, saving you money in the long run.

10. Catalogue Seller

Making a living from catalogue selling is possible for those who are determined and organised. Make up, beauty products, books and food storage systems may form part of your business stock, but it can be difficult to find space for everything at home. Moving your supplies to a storage unit can help you keep on top of orders without taking over your spare bedroom.

11. Second Hand Uniforms

Many schools run a second hand uniform shop, but as space can be limited in schools it makes sense to store stock within a storage unit. If you keep a list of what you have in storage, you can take orders from parents each term and deliver it to the school for distribution.

12. Market Stall Holders

As a market trader, you may have plenty of stock that you need access to on a weekly or twice-weekly basis. You can easily access your storage unit at Stop and Store prior to market day, and then return anything that remains unsold. If you will require regular access to your goods, it makes sense to discuss renting a unit close to the facility entrance to ensure shorter journeys to load and unload your car or van.

Storage units act as a blank canvas, making them suitable for all sorts of businesses. To see why Stop and Store is popular with businesses in Portchester, Gosport and Titchfield, contact us today.