Finding a place to live out of the hustle and bustle of the city is a huge challenge. For some the recent events have forced this on to them, as the trend of working from home continues, there is no longer a need to live near your place of work, and there is an opportunity to live a less hectic lifestyle in a smaller place.

Called the modern economy or the new normal, there are many, many people doing just that. Runcorn could be one of the places in the running for you to consider as it is a town where employment levels are higher than the national average, and it offers a lot of promise for future development.

Runcorn itself has a long history and is considered a place of strategic importance in the UK. Even though some critics may say Runcorn is a bit run down, there are big plans in place for its regeneration, making Runcorn a place to put on your list if you are thinking of relocating.

If you are a remote worker, you could well find the cost of housing cheaper, have a simpler lifestyle and a lower cost of living in Runcorn.

Stop & Store self storage Runcorn is an established self-storage facility and is well placed to play an important role in the modern economy of Runcorn. Our facilities offer homeowners and businesses who establish themselves a variety of self-storage options at a cost-effective rate, conveniently positioned at 205 Halton Link Road.

Adapting to the Modern Economy Storage Runcorn

Around the world times have been changing rapidly recently. People have had to get used to working from home and economically many have had to tighten their belts and relook at their budgets. In the process a lot of insecurity has crept in, and consumer habits have changed a lot. And so, if you are feeling the pinch, you are not alone.

In cities, office space has emptied out, warehouse leases haven’t been renewed and people have started vacating cities in favour of countryside living.

Although moving to a smaller place like Runcorn means leaving the bright lights of a city behind, its good to be aware that smaller towns have a more personal feeling to them and while not all the coffee and fast-food outlets are within easy reach, they after all aren’t the end all and be all.

It’s the economy that we all must get used to, and whether you are in your own business, perhaps an online trader or you have skill, let’s have a look at what a place like Runcorn has to offer.

Runcorn is on the Move Storage Runcorn

Because of its location between Liverpool and Manchester and its rail, motorway, and canal infrastructure, Runcorn on its own has developed into a vital centre for logistics.  Services like this in the local economy have developed hugely along with other advanced manufacturing sectors, like the automotive and the aerospace industry.

Originally the town depended on the chemical industry with ICI being the dominant player. Now, Inovyn has a large chemical operation on the west side of the town, employing 750 people. The company manufactures chlorine, caustic soda, and chlorinated products as well as salt piped from Cheshire. Companies such as Packed Chlorine Limited, Koura, Industrial Chemicals, VYNOVA and Runcorn MCP Ltd are also employees in the town.

Diageo, the drinks manufacturer, packages its brands of liquor for distribution here as well. Carbon fibre is made here as well, produced by Sigmatex, while there is also a facility called the National Science and Innovation Campus which provides an infrastructure for experimental labs and engineering centres. This is an ideal base for future development and employment.

Energy is derived from two independent power stations in Runcorn.

To attract investment into the town there is a plan afoot to make this gateway to Liverpool City more appealing. Let’s have a look at what the future scenario could be.

Starting with first impressions, the entrance to the town brightens up. This is known as the Silver Jubilee Bridge link road. The uninteresting entrance will be replaced by greenery and new vistas of the Brindley Theatre and Waterloo Bridge. A connecting road construction has commenced and is linking the station, town centre, Silver Jubilee Bridge, the expressway, and Greenway Road.

The Runcorn Old town is also in for a facelift, while the concept of developing a “healthy town” has been mooted. All of this, including developing a green track for leisure activities is on the drawing board, and bodes well for the revitalization of the town.

Along with this are commercial plans to elevate shopping experiences with a new shopping complex.

If you are looking for a place to live, there are several options depending on your budget and domestic situation. Some of the options are:

Runcorn is ideally positioned on the coast and near to Liverpool, Warrington, Chester, and Cheshire Oaks. In the area there is a good choice of residential areas to choose from such as , Sandymoor, Preston Brook, Weston Village, Clifton Beechwood, Sutton Weaver and Sutton Park.

In the End, What to Do

Ultimately it’s for you to decide on your future, and if you would like to follow the trend of moving to smaller places, Runcorn could be an option.

Business wise there are a few options where self-storage could assist:

  • You could rent an apartment to give it a try, and self-storage could offer you the solution as to what to do with your furniture in the meantime.
  • If you have a business with stock, why not use a self-storage unit for storage and distribution?
  • If you are going smaller, and have excess household possessions, you could store them with us at Stop & Store Runcorn.

Stop & Store self storage at Runcorn is conveniently situated at 205 Halton Link Rd, Runcorn and offers excellent accessibility to its storage units.

We have storage units from 12 sq feet to 200 sq feet. This means we can assist with any relocation-period storage needs. Stop & Store uses closed circuit TV monitors for the security of your goods. You are the sole key holder to your unit.

You can come and go when you like as access is 24/7 from 8am to 8pm. You can collect anything you may need in storage whenever you require.

Look for any deals offered by Stop and Store self storage Runcorn and contact us whenever you need self-storage.

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