Getting the most out of the retail space that is allocated to a store has become more scientific through advanced planning mechanisms that help the retailer maximize the area. While retail space is recognised as an expensive space rental, it’s interesting that some retailers use self storage rentals to augment their retail businesses.

Getting customers into the store and enticing them to buy more when they are there is the main idea when designing the techniques that make this possible.

In setting out the store the layout and display of the merchandise is one of the most critical aspects of this, requiring an inviting and appetising experience for shoppers. Fortunately, there are space and layout planning methods that can facilitate this.

Adequate stock and space are one of the key aspects of a good retail outlet. It means that making the most of the floor area for display of goods will ensure that the retailer gets the best return for the rental being paid.

Self storage has been shown to be a good backup for retailers, as the need to hold stock, especially in season or on promotions is critical. Making the most use of the expensive retail space therefore is a must and using cheap storage in the form of self storage dovetails well with retail businesses.

Stop & Store Penrith is closely located to retail outlets to assist achieve this objective, and through offering of three different sized units, retailers can tailor their storage needs according to the size they require.

The expectations and experience of customers as they walk through the door have been well researched. As a result, there are proven techniques that have been shown to work to improve their appetite to buy in the store.

Retail Strategies to Attract On-floor Sales

First impressions are lasting, and the kind of entrance to a shop often will determine the mindset of a potential customer. If the immediate impression is favourable, the customer will proceed. You’ve probably done this yourself many times, and even if you didn’t realise it at the time, this is a crucial first step to whether you are going to feel at ease and look around or whether at that point you decide to move on.

The entrance is a space that should be free of clutter yet have merchandise strategically placed to give the customer an idea of what is on offer. It’s a kind of appetite wetter.

This area is often referred to as a decompression zone, where the customer can untense and get the feeling that they are going to enjoy what that are going to see in the shop.

Now that the customer is in the shop the next step is to have a way to encourage them to move through the whole store to see what is on offer.

While retailers realise they must make the most of the retail space that they have, there is nothing worse for a customer to have to squash up and squeeze through small aisles or have other customers in their space.

Tips and Tricks at Retail level

Again, initial impressions count, and the mood in the shop is set through the use of background music, friendly smiles, and appealing displays.

Besides ensuring that your customers have a joyful experience you also want to take some money out of their wallets. This means that from start to finish the visit must go well.

The understanding of the psychology and habits of a shopper is important at this point. Most stores are designed to pull the customer in the direction they are likely to go anyway, which from research is from the right-hand side of the shop to the left. This is based on many observations of retail customer habits.

Many customers know what they are looking for when they come into the shop. So, make it easy for them to find what they need. This means signage is crucial to inform them of the shop layout and the location of the merchandise.

You don’t, however, want the customer to run in and out of the store once they have found what they want. By having good merchandising and attractive offers on display they are more likely to slow down and look at the range that you have on offer.

Your Shop Layout: Does it Comply?

You may be shaking your head at this stage wondering how to reshape your retail outlet to incorporate some of these ideas if you are not doing so already.

Starting at the beginning, a shop reorganization will be necessary. This can be done on a day which is known to be quiet, or after hours, but it involves something of a revamp of the store. Your new store is sure to give you the extra sales, so it will be worth the trouble.

Plan your revised layout, remember to make sufficient space available for customers to feel comfortable. Don’t be scared to use more storage space and relocate your excess stocks to a self storage unit rental. It’s an excellent way to give your store a new space freedom to implement your ideas.

Keeping Backup Stock in Self Storage

Having sufficient stock and space to keep merchandising material is often a headache in busy seasons and when you are offering special promotions. While the aim is to keep the retail floor as free as possible, and to provide the space they need, look for a self storage rental unit near to you.

While a self storage unit will give secure storage for your merchandise, it also offers convenience of location. Find a self storage unit that suits your needs and use it for a short-term rental or a long-term rental, depending on your needs.

The advantage of having affordable self storage as a backup for your stock is immense, so be sure to include this in your planning.

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