Residential Storage

Stop and Store provide a very convenient storage solution for residential customers.

  • Just need more space in your apartment?
  • Renovating your home?
  • Need to store furniture for a short period of time?
  • Maybe traveling and wanting temporary storage?
  • Moving in with a roommate?
  • Looking to de-clutter your home before selling?
  • Whatever the reason, Stop and Store provides storage for your home or apartment.

    Space For All Your Stuff

    Store sports equipment that you don't use regularly
  • Skis and snowboards
  • bikes
  • sailing equipment
  • camping gear
  • kite boards
  • Make More Space
  • Clutter brings stress, but sometimes throwing items away isn't an option. Use us to store all your household goods. Why keep things you use seasonally or occasionally in your home? Store them with us and free your mind from the stress a cluttered home brings.

    Temporary Storage

    We offer temporary, short term and long term residential storage options. When travelling for extended periods of time, store your items with us and rest easy that they are safe and secure in our storage centre.

    If you are working abroad and renting your home while you are away, it may need to be unfurnished. Why not store your furniture and other possessions with us?

    Are you renovating your home? Do you need to take everything out before the work starts? We can store pretty much anything. Why not put it into storage where you know it will be protected and safe until the work is complete.

    Maybe you just need some extra space. If your spare room or garage, treated as the dumping room! Why not have a good sort out. Get rid of the stuff you never use

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