Renting a storage unit can make your life a lot easier, and not only when you need a place to store your belongings while you move house. There are many unique ways to make use of your storage unit. We know that whether you need to clear up valuable space in your home or sort out the clutter that has accumulated in your garage a self storage unit can be a lifesaver. But instead of being used as dumping ground for unused possessions, a unit may be used more productively for a specific purpose if there is no space in your home.

  • A Private Gym. If paying high fees at a gym only to be working out next to a sweaty stranger is something you do not wish to do, rent a storage unit that you can kit out for yourself with any amount of equipment you need. A large unit will accommodate a bike, a weight bench, and any other equipment you have. If you do not have all this equipment a smaller unit will do just fine. This is a great alternative to setting up at home where you may not have the space for a dedicated gym room.
  •  An Art Studio. If you are an artist who paints or sculpts you may need some privacy to get the creative juices flowing. Your art materials and supplies take up a lot of space, something that is not always available at home. So a renting storage unit can act as your own art studio. A storage facility such as Stop & Store Fareham offers superior security measures so that you can be assured your expensive art equipment, paint, brushes, easels and even your raw materials if you are a sculptor will be safe from theft.
  • A Workshop. You may need extra space to store your woodworking tools if this is your hobby and you have run out of space at home. You could enjoy fixing up broken appliances or tinkering with electronics and you need space to keep your equipment. Hiring one of our storage units could solve these storage problems, as well as give you space to work on your hobbies and DIY interests.
  • Sporting Equipment. If sports and outdoor activities play a large part in your life you may have experienced difficulty in finding space at home to keep your sporting equipment. Whether it is cycles or kayaks, golf clubs or even a golf cart, a self storage facility will provide the space to keep your equipment safely and free from the damage that can happen if your items are squashed into a small space.
  • A Rehearsal Space. If you are a musician, you will know that it is difficult to practice and rehearse your music. Renting a storage unit could provide that quiet private place where you can practice your music without worrying about disturbing your neighbours. You would have to check with the facility if there are ordinances in place to control noise because you don’t want to be breaking any bylaws. But even if you cannot use it for rehearsals, you can certainly use it to store your instruments as it is a secure place to keep them safe.
  • Store Your Collection. If you are an avid collector of anything from vinyl records to sports memorabilia, antique toys, and dolls to comic books you know how much space these can take up. It may be a struggle to find space at home and your partner may not share the same enthusiasm for your collection as you do, so finding a storage unit can solve this problem. You can add shelves and display cases in your unit to keep your collectables. The best is that you can add to your collection any time as you are unlikely to run out of space. Our facility has monitored CCTV 24 hours a day and limited access, so whatever it is you collect, you can be assured that it will be safe.
  • Store Your Off-Season Clothes. If you have limited space at home to store your clothes you can always do with some extra space.

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