Imagine having an extra garage sized container dropped off at your house or business just by making one call? These portable containers are becoming ever popular because of the ease and convenience they offer when you are looking for extra storage space. This is particularly beneficial if you want to save the hassle of having to pack everything on a truck and transport it elsewhere to be stored.

At Stop & Store Fareham we provide you with a portable storage unit delivered right to your door. You may be pondering what the benefits are to hire a portable storage unit and have one brought to your door. We aim to make self-storage simple and as easy as possible. We know that a lot of the difficulty lies in having to hire a truck to bring your goods to us for storage. So, we decided “Why don’t we go to the client?”. We take the hard yards out of storage by giving you the option of having the storage unit in your property to pack. Whether you choose to keep it there or not is up to you, as we will explain as we go on.

We come to you wherever you are: your home, flat or apartment, a campus, business premises, construction sites, or wherever you are. Pack your storage unit right where you are with the knowledge of exactly how much space you must use to obtain maximum benefit.

When Portable Storage is Particularly Useful

There are many instances when portable storage is beneficial to both homeowners and businesses. Instead of the usual method of having to arrange transport to take goods for storage, the storage comes to your home or business premises. The storage unit is brought to you by the Stop & Store truck, offloaded on a spot that you choose, where you can load the storage unit at your own pace. This takes the pressure off in a big way and you can load how and when you like.

In addition, if you don’t want the storage unit on your premises, the friendly Stop & Store driver will simply come back and collect the full unit when it’s ready and take it down to the Stop & Store premises and safely store your unit there.


  • When we deliver a portable storage unit to your business premises, it’s like having an instantly built extension to your premises. Immediately your space problem is solved, and you can accommodate the stock that you need space for. There is no need to lose sales or to have your premises cramped for lack of space.
  • In the case of construction companies, portable self-storage units are an invaluable asset when valuable equipment needs to be safeguarded onsite. The convenience of not having to relocate the equipment but to have it right there handy every day saves money and time.
  • When working in remote locations, businesses needing extra space will benefit from portable self-storage. Landscaping projects in particular can do their work and store their tools while onsite, and simply call us when they are finished the project and no longer need the portable self-storage unit.

Students and Travelers

  • In these times when College life is uncertain and students must give up their dorm and move back home, a portable storage unit is ideal to keep the possessions of a student safe.
  • The same applies to anyone wishing to go on an extended travel trip and has the problem of what to do with their possessions while away. By creating the extra space at home, perhaps in the garden or off the driveway, we can bring a portable storage unit right to the home. With everything secure, the apartment or home can be rented out while you enjoy your travels.


  • Have you ever thought of getting Stop & Store to do your move using a portable self-storage container? It’s a great way to move home: we bring you the container, you load it yourself, and when packed we deliver it to the new house for you. No need to rent a truck, you can do it at all in your own time too.
  • Two other great residential applications are for making space when renovating and clearing your house when you want to stage it for selling. In both cases, we deliver a portable self-storage unit to your premises, pack what you need into it and we can take it away, or you can simply leave it in a place convenient to yourself.

Think of the Hassle You Save

Pack up where you are and when you feel like it! You only load once, with no offloading backaches. This must be the way to go! And in the process, you limit the risk of damaging your goods. On top of this you can pack your goods for yourself securely in the portable storage unit, just once.

While doing this all at your own pace, there is no need to worry about rushing or keeping a truck waiting and maybe getting penalized with extra overtime charges.

A further benefit is the security and easy access that a portable unit offers ensuring that time is saved and there is no worry that your possessions will go missing.

You also save money not having to hire a truck to take your goods offsite: we do all of that for you. Portable storage is a very versatile way to quickly arrange storage space if you need to expand a project or store tools and equipment onsite securely.

Not only can we simply offload the portable unit where you require, but we can pick it up again and take it back to our premises. When you need the contents, we simply bring them back to you! It’s that easy.

Imagine the convenience of being able to pick up the phone and call us at Stop & Store where we can arrange delivery at a time that is suitable to you.

Call us to book a unit when you require portable self-storage.

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