Home renovations have become very popular over the last two years. Due to the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, people have been forced to spend more time at home. Working and studying from home has become the norm. More time at home means noticing more problem areas in and around your home. You may feel your kitchen layout could be improved, bathrooms renovated, or a dedicated working space be created for your home office.

Once you have decided to renovate, sorted out your design plans and found your trades people that will do the work for you, you need to solve the problem of where your furniture and household goods will go as you will have to clear these spaces so that the builders tilers and the others can do their thing.

There are a few options open to you. You could pack your furniture in the areas of your house on which you are not working. But the dust from renovating gets in everywhere and your furniture can be ruined by it. If the workers have to work around your furniture expect it to get scratched and dented. A worker will never be as careful around your belongings as you would be, so it is better to clear everything out of their way and give them a blank slate.

The easiest solution for what to do with your furniture and belongings would be for you to hire a self storage unit at Stop & Store Penrith. You can hire one for as long as you need it, and in the case of your renovation running past its expected date of completion (which they inevitably do), at least your self storage facility is flexible enough to keep your belongings until your renovation is finished.

Main Reasons for Renting a Self Storage Unit

  • Ensuring that your household items are secure. While renovating there is the possibility that some parts of your home could be left vulnerable to intruders. You may be replacing doors, windows, walls, or roofing which means that your house cannot be locked and secured from passers-by. If your roof is being worked on there is the danger of the weather causing damage to your stuff.
    Our self storage facility in Penrith offers good security so you can rest assured that your goods will be safe, and they will also be out of harm’s way as far as the weather is concerned.
  • Decluttering the space so that you can renovate. If workers have to push your furniture around and work around household items, you can be sure that your stuff will be damaged, scratched and dented. The dust, cement, and paint will also cause damage to your belongings.
  • Moving your furniture out will allow the trades people to concentrate on the renovations rather than dodging pieces of furniture and tripping over them. So make their lives easier during the renovation and move your belongings into a self storage unit..

Here are some hints and tips to remember while you are organising your stuff for storage during your renovation.

  • While packing up your belongings into boxes please remember to label each box clearly and in detail. This will help you greatly if you need to locate stuff while it is still in storage, and it will also make unpacking a breeze when your renovations are over, and life can return to normal.
  • Pack the boxes in order of which room they come from and keep boxes from the various parts of the house together. This will also make your unpacking much easier.
  • Using a storage unit will relieve you of much of the stress that a renovation can bring you. It gives you one less reason to worry because at least you can be sure that your belongings are safe from being damaged and stolen. Instead you can concentrate on choosing the perfect tiles for your new bathroom, the correct shade of paint, or the best kitchen cupboard for your brand new kitchen.

How Stop & Store Penrith Can Help You

If you base your choice of storage facility on the following principles it will be clear that you will have a convenient, cost effective place to store your belongings.

  • Within easy reach of where you live
  • Easy access to facilitate loading and off loading
  • Good security so that you can be assured your goods will be safe from theft
  • A price to suit your pocket
  • Flexibility in terms of long or short term hire
  • Month to month contract

So, instead of worrying about what will happen to your possessions and how to protect them while your renovations are under way, bring them to us and we will safeguard them for you. This way you can concentrate on creating the perfect fresh look for your home.

Our storage facility in Penrith is convenient if you are anywhere in the North Lake District. Our self storage facility is perfectly positioned to serve residents and business owners in Penrith, Keswick and many of the surrounding villages and towns.

Our security systems are state of the art. We offer 24/7 CCTV, our facility is secure, fenced-in units, well lit, with double padlocks and an iron bar across the door ensuring maximum security. Our galvanized units are thermally insulated which keeps the temperature moderate and ensures that your valuable items do not get damaged by extreme temperatures.

Our booking system is simple, and you can access a unit from the comfort of your armchair. Book and pay online so there is no need to even meet anyone face to face. You are able to access your unit and we are open for your convenience from 8am to 6pm, seven days a week.

We often offer specials and promotions on our units so keep an eye out for these. Please read the reviews on our website as we are proud of the good customer service we offer.

Please contact us on 01768 800291 and speak to one of our helpful staff members.