We all need a break sometimes, and when the year starts to wind down and we reflect a bit warily about the year that was, we look forward to some sort of break. Whether it’s a stay at home or you decide to take the family somewhere, what you do over that period still needs some planning so that you can make the most of your leisure time.

Gearing up for the holiday is as good as being on holiday already, because once you commit yourself to doing something, half the fun is the preparation and anticipation of the event itself. Take camping. It’s not just a simple matter of packing everything in the car on the morning of departure and scooting off.

There is the tent to check for leaks, maybe you didn’t clean it thoroughly when you packed up last time, best to roll it out and check that all the working parts are there. Its no good when you eventually reach your destination that you find that the tent poles are missing.

Unfortunately going on holiday often means you are taking a lot of stuff, seemingly everything but the kitchen sink is included. Rest assured that you may start thinking that self storage could come to the rescue here.

If you are going to a place of nature, like the South Lakes area, then you’d want to pack for an entire range of adventure activities.

Preparing for South Lakes Activities

You may be one of the lucky ones going to the beautiful Cumbria region this year. It is one of the UK’s most celebrated places of beauty. As many people do, they explore the Lakes area on foot, on cycles or on the waterways.

This helps keep the vehicular traffic down and helps reduce the pollution that cars are known to cause. It makes for clean healthy air to breathe in when you are there. But be aware that you are going to have to pack well. This time of the year it will be cold, and in some places, it may be icy in the early mornings.

Breathing in the crisp air is a pleasure for the soul, and there is no better feeing than the cool wind on your cheeks as you bond with nature.

When You get to Kendal

Your entrance into the South Lakes area is often through Kendal. This town is commonly known as the gateway to the South Lakes. You are going to need to a few things when you get to Kendal. One will be to top up your supplies for your stay in the South Lakes.

Second is you are sure to need a secure spot for your leisure goods. So early on do some research and look for a storage facility nearby.

Fortunately, you don’t have to look far: Stop & Store Kendal is a new branch of the Group that will be available in the new year.

With a combination of three self storage unit sizes on offer, there is sure to be one to fit your purpose.

Why Self Storage in Kendal?

Stop & Store believes that it is essential to take self storage to places where it can assist visitors and residents alike with extra secure space when they need it. The location of the Stop & Store storage facility was well advised.

This means that access and proximity to the South Lakes activities make it easy to rent a self storage unit and pack your leisure items away when the day is done. Also, it guarantees security like few other storage options do.

The self-enclosed steel containers are insulated to keep the contents safe from damage in an environment that maintains ambient temperature. A heavy-duty bar that accommodates two locks secures the door entrance to each storage unit. Of course, as would be expected the storage facility is securely fenced and access controlled.

Can You Store Long Term in Self Storage at Kendal?

One of the great benefits of self storage is the affordable storage costs if you want to store long term. This happens if you would like to use Stop and Store Kendal as your warehouse to keep your goods in, especially seasonal or leisure items to save you the hassle of bringing them on holiday each time.

We understand the burden of having to transport heavy quad bikes, a boat, canoe or cycling gear each time you want to come on holiday.

Similarly, if you are planning an extended holiday, what better way to safeguard your possessions than keep them secure in a self storage unit?

Long term storage renters are given the extra incentive through occasional discounts, so ask the Stop & Store staff what is on offer. In any event if you compare the reasonable price of a self storage unit in Kendal it’s simply a clever idea to rent one when you need long term storage.

Rent Self Storage Unit at Stop & Store Kendal

We ensure that your storage experience is made simple, and your goods are absolutely safe and secure. Remember not to bring any pests with you to the storage facility and check out your goods well in advance of bringing them to us for storage.

One you have made your online enquiry we facilitate the booking and the access. We ask for a security deposit which is totally refundable when you leave. This amount is £45 only. If you move in during the month we don’t charge for the whole month and prorate the fee accordingly. Thereafter we deduct the monthly amount from your card.

As we get ready to open our new Stop & Store Kendal self storage facility, which we expect to happen soon in the new year, you will be delighted to learn how easy and within reach the facility is. Stop & Store Kendal is located at the Beckside Business Park, Gatebeck, Kendal, Cumbria, LA8 0HR.

Access to your self storage unit is from Monday to Sunday, 8 am to 6 pm.

If you would like to rent a unit, please contact us on https://www.stopandstore.co.uk/kendal/