It is true to say that being on holiday reduces stress and promotes good well-being. This is particularly true when it comes to long touring holidays in a campervan. Research indicates that this sort of travel is a rising trend and campervan ownership could rise by as much as 43 % in the next seven years.

Packing up to travel for extended periods means that many possessions must be left behind, but how do travelers do this without having storage problems? The answer lies in self storage: they simply pack up their goods and chattels and store them in a self storage unit rental.

If it sounds simple, it is because it is. And this kind of storage is totally safe and suited for this purpose. Stop & Store Penrith offers great prices for those looking for secure storage in Cumbria. With the choice of three sizes, there is sure to be a storage unit that is the right size for everyone.

Most people are tired of sitting at home in the same old routine and there is a big trend towards getting back out there and doing some travel. What better way of doing so than in a campervan, seeing the countryside and being free of all troubles?

Planning a Campervan Trip

It is said that with travel half the fun is planning for the trip. If campervan travel is familiar to you, then you would know what is involved. If it’s a new way of having an extended holiday and seeing distant places, then here are some tips for planning, packing and storage that you should know.

On its own a leisure vehicle is a big investment and what you pay for it should also be seen in relation to the cost you would otherwise would have  incurred when going on holiday by air, hiring accommodation and eating out most of the time.

In the planning, a detailed inventory will be required to decide what to take with on the extended trip. You are likely to want many of the home comforts that you enjoy daily. If that is so, then the list could be long. So, in planning separate the “essential” from the “nice to have”.

Essentials for your campervan

  • Clothing should be sufficient to tide you over between clothes washing days, and you should be mindful of the climate you will be in. As your trip could involve hiking or ice-proof gear, its best to ensure that this is all packed, just in case. You may even want to take a portable washing machine along for convenience.
  • Bedding, towels, and personal items should also include your toiletries and a first aid kit and any small item that is useful on a trip.
  • Cleaning materials are recommended, as you’d want to keep your new hone looking fresh and free of dirt. Bring along a broom, bucket and cleaning materials, and a portable clothesline to hang the washing.
  • An awning or two will give extra space, and don’t forget the accessories that go with them.

Remember that there is limited space in campervan, and things can be bought on the journey. Now that the list has been compiled, they can be put aside for the holiday.

However, planning for where you are going shouldn’t overshadow the question of what will happen to everything that is left behind while you are away. The safety of your possessions is essential and finding secure storage or getting a house sitter are two of your most favoured options.

Packing Up and Storage

While you will be living life in the confined space of your campervan, leaving your home vacant is always a risk. What most responsible homeowners would do is to find safe storage for the items that are most valuable.

It is advisable to ensure that your possessions are packed properly using the right materials. Use sturdy cardboard cartons, preferably of the same size for of ease of stacking. Most effective protection of surfaces and glassware can be done by using bubble wrap or blankets wrapped around the items.

Take time to pack, it’s not something that should be rushed. If you are not sure how much a self storage unit will take, it is best to get some information at this stage.

Contact a storage facility nearby, most have a choice of storage unit sizes. Stop & Store Penrith has three self storage unit options, all of which take a large household load. Expect to be able to store at least 240 medium sized boxes, this is possible at an affordable price too.

Once the packing is near completion and your campervan is nearing a state of readiness, you are sure to be feeling the excitement rising. At the same time there is no need to be anxious about what you are leaving behind because everything will be safe in a self storage unit.

Do the Self Storage Rental

A call or online enquiry will be the best way to get a self storage rental. As you may want some latitude in the duration of your rental agreement, the storage facility is likely to only ask for a month-on-month commitment.

Moving in is quick once the storage facility has received your details and you have done the first month’s payment.

Locks we supply will be used to secure the heavy bar across the entrance door to the insulated self storage container unit.

Once that’s out of the way, most homeowners would choose to leave the heavy lifting to a professional mover to take the load to the storage facility. To make the contents accessible if anything is needed while in storage or even if it has been packed by mistake, mark the boxes clearly on two sides.

Pack the self storage unit in a way that gives you space to move and in a manner that makes it easy to locate something.

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