When lack of space becomes a problem, and inventories start to mount with nowhere to put anything, business and homeowners needn’t scratch their heads in despair.  There is a way to solve your storage problems that is easy to arrange, is cost-effective, with no strings attached. It is indeed a healthy sign for a business to have growing inventories, be it an expansion of ranges or increased sales, but there will be a need to find a place for storage and in the case of expansion, perhaps a new point of distribution. The answer to the problem is self-storage, a secure easy to get the up-and-running arrangement that’s proven to work for businesses and homeowners alike. Penrith Storage

The priority of business is to keep stock secure and accessible. Finding a storage solution in the Penrith area need not be a headache. The inexpensive storage offered by self-storage units this reputable storage company offers is that solution. The newly opened self-storage Stop & Store Penrith self-storage branch is conveniently located just off the A66 just 7 minutes outside of Penrith. It is very accessible to most of the towns in the region. Offering this North Lakes storage facility to the communities in the area brings with it the Stop & Store guarantee for a secure, well serviced up-to-date self-storage experience.

Starting with homeowners who have excess home goods, trying to find a place to store overflow furniture beds, refrigerators and household goods, this facility offers complete ease of offloading and reloading at times convenient to you, the customer.

Business owners have taken advantage of what storage units can do to help small businesses within many industries reduce costs and adapt to changes more rapidly. Not only is self-storage cheap storage compared with traditional warehousing, but it’s also a flexible and safe way to receive, store and distribute stock efficiently.

Let’s look at some of the applications from real users of self-storage.

Air B&B’s

Being a popular tourist attraction, the Lake District enjoys a stream of visitors during the year coming to enjoy the natural beauty the area offers. Penrith lies conveniently on the axis of the M6 and the A66, a road route most visitors are likely to follow. When planning to convert a home to an Air B&B establishment, unfortunately, some of that old comfy furniture you have shared with the dogs over a period of time simply won’t do for fussy tourists from the city.

A popular way to hold onto that old couch and other paraphernalia that is preventing you from sprucing up your home to the standard of Air B&B requirements is to simply load it all up and keep it at a self-storage unit. Stop & Store Penrith, with insulated storage units and would be ideal for this purpose.

Start-up & Online businesses

Many small business owners, especially those who are just starting out, lack the space they need to store essential items such as supplies, inventory, and spare equipment. If you’re dealing with this problem, you may find the ideal solution in a business storage unit.

Owner-run business that needs to establish a base in a new area or a franchise owner that needs to carry parts to service customers will find a self-storage unit an ideal place to work from and hold stock in a secure way. It is a low-cost way of keeping this potentially expensive fixed cost and it’s a very flexible way of doing things in preference to the traditional warehousing that requires long term contracts to be signed.

This space can double up as a place to receive and dispatch stocks and can be dressed up in such a way that customers can come and view the merchandise contained in them. Mobile racks can hold fashion clothes for display, while a worktable in the middle can easily provide a useful surface to work on. In such a way loose parts can be assembled before going out to a customer, or appliances can be repaired in a self-storage unit. It is apparent that a self-storage unit is a versatile way of establishing the base for an emerging business. Then when it gets too big, simply end the contract at the end of the month and move on to a bigger space.

Business Records and Equipment Storage

Self-storage units are commonly used for the storage of business records and excess business equipment. The reason is clear, it’s a cheap storage option, and totally secure at the same time. At the office, records and unused equipment often occupy expensive office space and are subject to potential damage or theft while not being used.

The dry insulated self-storage units offered by Stop & Store Penrith is perfectly suited for overflow tools, equipment and furniture which are choking up the business premises and making them look untidy. When you need to store any business property that is not being used, self-storage is the safest and most cost-effective way to go.

Even if you are planning to relocate your office, do the math first, and see if it is absolutely necessary. It could be that using a self-storage unit to augment your space requirements and carry some of your stock may free up the extra space you need. If you have a retail outlet where space costs are at a premium, some of your slower-moving or bulky items could be better suited for self-storage rather than having to incur the big cost of extra retail space.

How to Rent a Self-Storage Unit

When you want to rent a self-storage unit, the process is so easy. Scour the area for a location near you. You may think the nearest one is the best, but there are some other important factors to consider: Check the reviews and the reputation of the Company.

Then make the reservation of a unit. The best way with Stop & Store Penrith storage is online via the website. We will hold the unit for you for a certain time while we process the application. We email a contract to you which you can sign automatically online.

Finally, you will move-in and start storing and organizing your belongings inside your self-storage unit.

As a leading self-storage company, we aim to give you the service excellence you expect.

Give us a call today for a no-obligation quotation on 01768 800291 and speak to a friendly Stop & Store Penrith storage staff member.