A workshop is known to be a noisy dusty place where dirty work takes place. Whether its woodwork or metalwork that takes place, it is likely to be filled with machinery that is used every day. If the place is not cleaned and organized on a regular basis it can become very congested with byproducts of the production that takes place in the workshop. Self Storage Sutton in Ashfield

Tools of the trade need to be accessed easily and should be packed away at the end of every day. However, workers in a workshop don’t always stick to the rules which causes frustration for those looking for a specific tool the next day. An efficient workshop is one in which everything is packed and stored properly. It is also a place that needs a lot of storage space not only for tools but for raw materials and finished products as well. 

We will see how best to use the walls and the elevation of a workshop in order to maximize the storage possibilities it offers to see that this is not often taken advantage of properly.  

We at Stop & Store self storage Sutton in Ashfield believe that the art of storage and storing things properly lies in the pre-planning and preparation thereof. Most items stored in a workshop should be stored in a specific way so that when they are needed there is no hesitation as to where they are and they are readily within reach. 

When a workshop is not well organized, and tools are not in their designated places it becomes exceedingly difficult to work in. Eventually, a workshop clean-out or and reorganization will be required.  

Try and keep the workshop clear by aiming to have nothing on the floor. This will make cleaning easy, and as a rule, it forces people to put tools and other items in their designated places.

Here are some useful ideas for better workshop arrangements and storage. 

Storage Ideas for An Organized Workshop

It doesn’t take long for a workshop to get disorganized and untidy. Not only that, by simply reorganizing some key aspects of a workshop, even if it is small, you can make a whole lot of extra space, and make it seem much bigger. 

These actions are:

  • Scale your workshop furniture to suit the size of your current space: often one or two big pieces of workshop furniture dominate space and makes things cramped.
  • Improving the lighting in your workshop by adding some extra lights does wonders to increasing space perception. 
  • Lastly, and its common sense, if everything around you is neat and organized, you have can see spaces and find space for more storage opportunities.

Workstations on Wheels

This one is a no-brainer. The proof is in using when you have your workshop tools on wheels. This is one of the best ways to maximize space in a small workshop. Simply imagine being able to wheel out your saw, push it back when you are finished, roll out the grinder, then a router, and being able to easily shift your workbench to another place. Wheels do wonders for making workstations storable when not needed and mobile when needed in a particular place. It improves your flexibility while giving you an opportunity to fold it up and simply wheel your workstation on wheels into a storage position. 

Your tools and accessories become mobile in a small workshop. There can be storage space for screws, nails, bolts and washers in drawers limiting your movement in a cramped space, making life a great deal easier. 

Metal Pegboard Tool Organizer

If you don’t have a metal pegboard tool organizer in your workshop, then you are missing out on an immensely useful way to display all your tools and have them easily accessible when needed. The organizer consists of lightweight metal panels with holes in them to attach brackets, hooks or shelves. Most workshop owners would have this in a place that is near to their major works area, up against an available wall space. The advantage of using a wall is that it uses vertical space, so a metal peg holder in effect takes no space at all. 

This is a must for any workshop. One of the hidden benefits of a metal peg holder is that you can see all your tools at a glance, and if one is missing you know immediately and can set about finding it. 

Overhead Racking for Storage

Ever wondered where to put all the wood pieces you are going to use or the metal that you require for the next job. Invariably it will tend to get in your way or clutter up your workshop.

Don’t underestimate underutilized aerial storage. If the workshop has a high roof there is a lot of possibility for storage from the roof down to the top shelf of the workshop cupboards. By hanging racking from the joists and creating a platform for storage you will be amazed at the extra space you can create for the raw materials you want to store. 

An overhead rack can accommodate at least 90 cubic feet of extra space, with a carrying load of at least 600 lbs. Make sure that the bottom of the rack is high enough to prevent someone from hitting and injuring their head in the workshop. 

Self Storage Options for a Workshop Self Storage Sutton in Ashfield

Any items that require storage, perhaps parts for the car you are repairing, or raw materials such as wood that you to need for a furniture project you want to complete in future, all can be stored offsite and out of the way of your work in the workshop, if there is no space left.

In the process of reorganizing and cleaning up, you also may need to store some of your workshop tools and equipment. We offer units of various sizes all designed to suit your needs. Being safe, secure, dry, and pest controlled they are perfect for short or long-term storage.

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