There are some compelling reasons for hiring a self storage unit rental to store those belongings that you can no longer accommodate in your home. One of the reasons put forward for storage unit rental is that although our homes may be smaller than they used to be, we still have lots of stuff. We keep buying the latest in gadgets, kitchen equipment, and clothes, and all this stuff needs to be kept somewhere. So we can see why there has been a phenomenal growth in the number of self storage facilities on offer – in 2020 there were 1900 storage sites in the UK, growing from 800 in 2010. The UK has the most storage per person of any country in Europe and makes up around 43% of the European self storage market.

As our houses and apartments become more cluttered and we run out of storage space to keep our possessions organised, a self storage unit can be regarded as having an extra spare room where we can store a myriad of our belongings. The beauty of a self storage unit is that you are sure to find one situated nearby your house, and with their long hours of access, you have great flexibility in terms of being able to either add to your belongings there or fetch stuff whenever you need to.  Stop and Store Fareham are open between 8am and 8pm, seven days a week, and if you find your storage unit is too large or too small, you can easily change your unit for one that is better suited to you.

All sorts of explanations have been offered for this increase in the use of self storage.

  • Our tendency for downsizing, thus cutting down on our cost of living, means that the houses and apartments we choose to live in are smaller than ever before. Newly built houses especially are on the smaller side, and these often do not have enough storage space. They do not necessarily have attached garages, or space in the garden for a shed that could be used for storage. This lack of storage at home does not mean that we have cut down on our possessions, so there is pressure on our living spaces.
  • During this pandemic our working habits have changed with many people working from home instead of commuting to the office. This means that we have somehow to find enough space in our cramped living areas to set up a home office with all the office equipment that this entails. A self storage unit is the perfect place to store the furniture that you may not necessarily wish to get rid of permanently, but you just need it out of the way to make your home office functional. When you are ready to start working from your formal office again, you will be able to fetch your furniture from your storage unit without giving any notice period. This degree of flexibility is one of the reasons that makes self storage so easy to use..
  • A further reason for the increase in the use of self storage is demand increases when the housing market is booming as it is now. Once you have sold your home you may not have found a new one yet and while you wait, you rent a smaller place as a stopgap. Or if you have bought a new house the occupation date may not coincide with your move out date, so you need a place to store your excess boxes and furniture, or even your entire household of furniture. Self storage is convenient as you are able to access your stuff any time during this wait. And you can rest assured that your belongings will be kept safe from being burgled while they are in self storage.

Why Choose Stop & Store Fareham for Storage Unit Rental

At Stop & Store Fareham we are able to help you when the clutter in your household becomes too much to put up with. We realise that not everyone has the luxury of space in their homes, and your possessions can quickly accumulate, making it difficult to keep your home organised. A storage unit rental can offer the perfect solution to your storage woes.

  • We make it as easy as possible for you to hire one of our units. Apply and pay online using our user-friendly operating system. Once we have received your payment, we email you your individual PIN and you are good to go. Get immediate access to your unit without having to plough through reams of paperwork.
  • One of the reasons of using self storage is to keep your belongings safe and you can rest assured of this as our facility is protected by monitored CCTV cameras 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each unit is lockable and can only be accessed by you.
  • There is no reason to fear that your belongings will be damaged by pests or mildew as our units are steel partitioned, clean and dry.
  • We offer complete flexibility for your convenience in terms of our conditions. We don’t require any contracts to be signed, there is no deposit to be paid, and you can hire the unit for as short a time or as long as you need. Change the size of your unit if you need to upsize or downsize. If you move in during the month, you pay a pro rate.
  • Our units come in a variety of sizes from 12 sq ft to 200 sq ft which can accommodate a small household of furniture.
  • Check out the space calculator on our website to help you choose the correct size for storage unit rental.
  • Ask us about our reusable, eco-friendly plastic boxes if you need to hire boxes for your packing. These are stackable and to make your life easier, you can hire a set of dollies to wheel them around. Return them to us when you are finished with them.

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