Are you looking for some cool ways to keep your tech items conveniently stored yet appealingly displayed at home? Nowadays with consumer electronics working together more and more, there are some great ways to show off your gadgets but at the same time have them working in tandem efficiently.

The term “convergence” has emerged recently to describe the ways electronics work together, many through the internet by means of wi-fi, Edge, Bluetooth, or Ethernet connections. One thing most consumers are looking for high definition (HD) products which use these communication connections.

In the end everything is designed to be made easier for us. There is even an option of an invisible “Alexa” standing by to turn on our electronics when we ask her to!

This has led to us looking for new ways to keep our gadgets stored in a minimal way, all configured to work easily and instantly. Let’s look at some ideas:

Cool Display Ideas for Your Home Electronics self storage Sutton in Ashfield

Gone are the days of ugly wires having to be channeled to connect home electronics. Also gone are the manual ways you used to do things with your electronic devices.  Smart technology has enabled us to do almost anything without having to do much!

  • Like: being able to instruct Alexa to play music, provide answers to questions, give us a weather report, or read news, set our alarm systems, and in fact oversee all our compatible smart home devices.
  • You can even fill your whole house with music, using streamed songs from the internet. Imagine you don’t even have to get up and change the CD anymore!
  • While sitting on the couch you can call and message who ever you want, hands-free.
  • Just make a voice command and turn on your lights, adjust the temperature on the heater, lock your doors and change TV channels.

Here are some ideas for you to display and store your electronic devices in your home:

Manage your cables

Plugs are still necessary, but they don’t have to be unsightly and messy. A cable management box or cable sleeve is a great way to rid your floor of wires and plugs, prevent dust accumulation too. It’s a smart looking box in which the plug is kept with openings for wires to be channeled through a cable sleeve. It’s a great way to keep your floor and workspace free of wires, and clean and organized.

Mounted charging station with USB ports

This is such a convenient way to charge a multitude of devices in a designated place. They are designed to charge many devices at once with inbuilt protection from excessive heating, current pulling, and fire. They also minimize chord messiness and are designed as a central charging station.

A docking station

Are you always looking for the remote and other tech devices? Well, how about a docking station right at your door entrance, where you can put all of them together, like the remote, your headphones, and even you mobile. And, oh, it’s also a good place for your sunglasses and keys too.

Wall mounted holder for Electronics

For ease of access and providing an ideal storage solution for routers, modems DVD players and game stations, a popular choice is a wall mounted high strength nylon holder that has enough space for all these gadgets and meticulously keeps everything accessible and neatly stored.

Carrier for All your Gadgets

How about a water resistant, easy to carry travel organizer for storing your charger, mobile phone, memory cards and USB drive? These inexpensive electronics chord cases are nice to have when you must take your electronics with you but don’t want the hassle of having to take a big laptop case instead. They also have a lot of nice pockets to hold other bits and pieces you need for the journey.

Keeping Your Electronics in Safe Storage Sutton in Ashfield

In the event that you may wish to store your electronic equipment, either at home or in a self-storage unit there are some important packing and storage factors that should be followed.

Some of the ways to keep your electrics secure when you need to store them and protect them from damage include:

  • Follow the packing instructions of the electronic equipment you would like to store. This will found on the internet if you have misplaced the manual.
  • Flatscreen TVs and television sets should be well enveloped with anti-static materials before packing into corrugated boxes and then securely sealed.
  • Don’t pack heavy items on your electronic equipment, and rather keep them separate from everything else you intend storing.
  • Be careful not to pack them in an area where there may be exposure to moisture, and best put some protective sheeting as layer between the electronic equipment and the ground.
  • A good way to remember how to put everything together again when you unpack is to keep a photo of the connection configuration before you disassemble the equipment.

We suggest that by flowing these procedures your electronics will be secure, free of damage and still be in perfect working condition when you want to use them again.

At Stop & Store self storage Sutton in Ashfield we make it easy for you to store your electronics securely. You may only need a small storage unit, even as small as 12 sq foot. Our units start small and go up to 200 sq ft. This will give you the perfect size you are looking for if you want to keep your valuable electronics secure while you are on a trip or moving to a new house.

Simply apply online, and we will allocate you a pin code for you to access your unit. In this way you can have peace of mind that your electronic equipment is safely out of the way while you attend to important matters.

If you would like to estimate how much you can fit into the unit you choose, simply take a look at our space calculator on our website  so that you can accurately determine the size unit you need. All this can be done online so there is no need to come in at all.

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