There comes a time in all our lives when we are faced with a space problem. Be it work or home, you may remember yourself saying” where on earth do I put this stuff?”. Then someone told you about self storage and, in a flash, your dilemma was over. Short Term Storage

Self storage has saved many situations. Whether moving, traveling, or simply having too much “stuff” swamping you, you can quickly arrange a place to keep it, in a storage unit. And it’s likely that there is one near you. Storage facilities satisfy a community need in most places.

Here in Penrith, Stop & Store is one of the leading providers of storage in the area. Based on the outskirts of Penrith, our facility offers excellent access for the surrounding areas, whether coming on the M6 or A66.

Many clients requiring a short term storage solution find themselves wanting to sort out their space problem as quickly as they can. For example, those relocating and needing to store their furniture somewhere will actively seek a home as they want to get settled. And so, they would want to avoid an onerous contract for storage of their goods.

This is where the short term nature of self storage is very customer friendly. By short term we mean three months or less. Self storage is a month to month arrangement. There is no need for a deposit, tying up your money or having to worry that you may have to see a long term storage period out.

When Do You Need Short Term Storage?

Short term storage is the best solution when you need to make a hasty plan for your things. By entrusting them with a storage company, you are asking them to look after your goods for a short while.

It makes sense. Just relocate the goods by packing them up and taking them offsite. Or get a transporter to do it for you. Whether you do it DIY or ask someone to pick up and take for you, it can be done on the same day you need it.

Let us consider the circumstances that arise.

  • You are Running a Business.

You get a big order. The stock arrives and you have no where to put it. The problem is that the stock is valuable, and you don’t want to lose any of it. Your next action is to call the self storage facility near you. An electronic enquiry application saves you the trouble of having to go anywhere. If a self storage unit is available and you can get access at short notice, even the same day. This is a real benefit to business owners. 

  • You are on holiday.

There are many instances you may need to have a secure place to store holiday equipment, be it a boat, ski equipment, quad bike, kayak, or cycles. Given the price you would have to pay if any of these items were to go missing, the cheap price of self storage and the security it offers is an obvious solution.

It’s also useful to use self storage just to get these often very bulky items out of your way. When you need anything in storage simply pop down to the self storage unit to collect what you are going to use that day.

  • You Want to Sell Your Home

Just preparing your home for sale is a big job. Called staging, it’s a process whereby you get all the clutter out the way to make you home look nice. And by that it’s not about stuffing the excess items in a cupboard, because more often than not there is too much stuff lying around to be able to do that. Like the mess on the patio, or old furniture jamming up the spare room. It doesn’t look great, and by taking these off site, and storing them in a short term self storage unit, you can add a lot of value to the look of your house.

  • Unexpected Change in Circumstances

In situations where there is a sudden event in our lives that changes our circumstances, like a death in the family, a divorce, or having to move out of our accommodation, the last thing you need to worry about is what to do with valuables and possessions. Even if you decide to use a self storage unit for a short period, a few weeks, or months, it’s a relief to be able to find a safe place for them.

  • You are a Student.

Take the stress out of leaving you room when you are on your mid term or year end break. The experience of coming back to College and finding things missing is not a good one. This is where it’s far safer to put your important stuff into short term storage and safeguard them from any harm.

  • Renovating?

Using a short term storage unit to store your household possessions when doing a renovation is the wisest thing you can do. The cheap storage offered by self storage makes it easy to rather remove the furniture and other items that are likely to be harmed by the building operations and simply move them offsite for the duration of the renovation. Average renovation time is about six to eight weeks, that’s if you are doing a small alteration, so a short term storage unit will do the trick!

Get a Unit Quickly

Getting a short term storage rental is quick and easy. Accessing it can be done on the same day of your enquiry. This is great when you need short term storage in a hurry.  Short term means that you only commit for a month at a time.

Stop & Store Penrith has established its storage facility in a convenient position for you. Not only that, but we have also made it easy to book a unit. Just let us know, give us your details and we send you the paperwork online. Once signed and paid, you get access, and move in. Just like that!

Contact us today by phone or email for a no obligation quotation on 01768 800291 and speak to our professional Stop & Store staff.

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