More and more of us are realising that when we need additional space at home, a storage unit can be the ideal solution. It is easy to accumulate furniture, books, sports equipment and children’s toys, but over time the volume of items in our homes can start to feel overwhelming. If you have a loft or garage, you may already be using these for storage. However, some items of furniture are too large to manoeuvre into the loft, and the garage is not always the best place to store items of importance due to the risk of damp or infestations. So when could renting a budget storage unit be of benefit to you?

Home Renovations

Many of us are choosing to renovate our homes rather than move house. If you love the location of your home, adding an extension or loft conversion can ensure it suits your changed requirements or growing family long term without the hassle of moving somewhere new. The downside of having internal renovations is that it can be disruptive when you have builders on site. Adding a side return or rear extension could make most of your ground floor rooms unusable, and you may find yourself retreating upstairs for a several weeks whilst the builders make progress. All of your furniture, soft furnishings, books and pictures will need to be safely stored. When there’s no space left upstairs, moving your items into a storage unit allows you to make the most of the space you do have remaining without your home feeling cramped.

Similarly, if you are planning on doing some decorating, it is far easier and quicker to decorate an empty room. Storing the furniture, however, is not always as simple. By placing the bed, wardrobe, and chest of drawers into a storage facility, you can swiftly redecorate an empty bedroom with no need to worry about accidentally getting paint on the furniture, either.

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Moving House

There are many ways that storage unit rentals can help you when you are considering, or in the midst of, a house move. In the early days, you may want to declutter to make your house more appealing to prospective buyers during viewings. Toys, ornaments and excess furniture can all make a home appear smaller and less desirable. However, you may not want to sell or donate these items, so placing them into storage in Fareham is a great way to keep them safe until you move into your new home.

Once you are further down the line with your house move, you may feel the need to begin packing. Packing can be a time-consuming task, and so it is wise to begin early so that you do not need to rush. However, the last thing you want is to be surrounded by boxes for weeks on end. Placing completed boxes into a storage facility will provide you with the reassurance that your items are safe, whilst keeping them out of your way.

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We all know that selling and buying houses can be a difficult, and sometimes tactical, process. If you are struggling to find, or purchase, a house, but have a buyer ready to exchange and complete on your existing home, you may choose to complete the sale and move into rented accommodation. This gives you time to find the right property to buy, without risking losing the sale on your home. It is unlikely that you will want to move all of your furniture and boxes into a short term rental, and so placing the non-essential items into a secure unit can be a great solution.

Children’s Items

Children’s bedroom furniture, books, clothes, games and toys can represent a hefty financial investment, but can also all be quickly grown out of. When your child grows out of their cot, for example, you may be keen to hold onto it in case you have any more children or future nieces or nephews. Larger items of furniture can be hard to store, and children’s clothing and games can take up significant storage space elsewhere in the house. Using household storage units can keep your home free of baby items whilst making it easy for you to access them when you need them in the future.

Even if you feel your family is complete, storing children’s items can be beneficial. You may be too busy, too tired or just not ready to part with these possessions. Putting them into storage gives you space so that you only need to return to the items when you are ready to sell or donate them. The passage of time may also give you the distance you need to decide which items you want to treasure forever as keepsakes.

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Grown Up Children

When your children leave home, whether for university, a job, or to travel the world, you can be left in the family home with a bedroom that is no longer being used. Rather than have idle space within the house, you might be keen to turn it into a snug, study, or even a home gym. If it’s likely that their bedroom furniture could be useful to them in the future, you will want to hang onto it so that they don’t need to buy anything when they move into their own home. Using budget storage gives you an affordable way to keep the furniture or possessions for when they return, but also enables you to assign a new use to the room in the meantime.



If you have a hobby that requires a significant amount of equipment or a wide range of tools, you may find your house is quickly taken over by your pastime. Skiing, mountain biking, surfing or woodworking can all quickly leave your garage or shed full to bursting. If you have items that you do not regularly require, you may be glad to declutter by moving some of it to a local storage facility.

Seasonal Items

Some items are not required all year round and putting them in storage can give you the additional space you need at home. Christmas decorations, garden furniture and bulky suitcases may only be needed at specific times of the year. Stop and Store in Fareham is open seven days a week so you can easily access your possessions whenever you need to.

Working Abroad

If you are planning to leave your house for a significant period of time, for example, for work, to travel, or to visit family, there are some items you may not want to leave in your home. Precious items of furniture, electronic equipment and sentimental photographs can all be safely stored by residents in Lee on Solent, Wickham and surrounding areas at Stop and Store.

You may even be considering renting your property out whilst you are away. Decluttering can make your home more attractive to potential tenants. In addition, placing valuable items into storage can make you feel more confident in leaving tenants in your home.

For storage unit prices, visit our website and reserve your secure storage today with Stop and Store in Fareham.