After divorce, death, financial issues, and critical illness, moving is considered to be one of the most stressful things that people do.

However, unlike many of these other stress creators, moving can be distressed to a degree through good planning. If you plan and prepare for your move, then on the day much of the stress can be removed.  You know what they say, the five “P’s” poor planning equals pretty poor performance.

Moving in Wirral Doesn’t Have to be Stressful

Disassembling Furniture

In many cases, you will disassemble the furniture when you are moving. This will include tables and beds, possibly wardrobes and other bulk and difficult to move pieces of furniture.  If you are rushed, it is easy to just get the screwdriver out and take these items apart without giving much thought to when you have to put them back together again.

Always take pictures and even video of the item. Narrate the video, so you have a record of how it will go back together. Make sure that all the nuts, bolts and screws are saved, bag them up and tape them to one of the pieces of furniture, where they will not get lost or damaged.


As you pack up the various rooms, label each box clearly. As you pack your container, truck or trailer, pack the things you will need first on the outside, so they are easily accessible.  The items that are not so important can go at the back out of the way.

Another handy way to identify what goes where, is to color code the boxes and items, using colored labels and marker pens.  Then when you are unloading, all you need to say to those who are helping is that the blue boxes go to the bathroom and the yellow labeled items go to bedroom one, etc. Having a handy label maker will make things go much quicker.


Electronics are another classic issue.  With all the cabling and wiring, it can take an age to work out how all this goes back together. It is very easy to go to the back of your TV and just take out all the cables and throw them in a box. But the problem will be how to get it all reconnected.  With smartphones this is easy. All you need to do is to video the back of your electronic items before you disassemble them. Don’t forget to comment on the video so you can play this back as a guide when you reconnect everything. How many times do you go to YouTube to find out how to do something?  Just make your own how-to video.

Check Lists

Use checklists.  These are great when moving in Wirral.  Don’t just have one giant checklist but break this down.  This may not be just a checklist but instructions on how to label boxes for specific rooms. This will give anyone helping a guide on how to pack and catalog these items.  It will make life so much easier when you come to unload and unpack at the other end.

Why not have a checklist for cleaning the property when everything is cleared.  A checklist of the change of address and notifications for all the utility companies and anyone else you need to inform. Break it down an then the whole task will not be so daunting.

Moving is stressful enough, but by following some of these tips from Stop and Store your move will be less stressful and you will be in your new property before you know it, stress-free and relaxed! If you need some extra storage space whilst you are moving, we have the perfect storage location in Wirral for you!