What a job! So much to think about when you are moving home.  After you have dealt with the estate agent or letting agent, solicitors, surveyors, etc. Then having to pack up the house, getting boxes organised and packing all your possessions.  Don’t forget to change your address and inform not just your family and friends, but the ream of other organisations that will need to know that you have moved. You don’t want to be charged for utilities at your old property or, be late on paying bills at your new home.  You will need to sort out direct debits and standing orders.  What about house and contents insurance.  The list goes on. Stop & Store Storage Fareham can help make your life a little easier during your move.

Stop and Store Storage Fareham has written an article providing you with some practical advice on who you will need to contact when you are moving to your new home.

The Post Office

The first place to start is with the Royal Mail and the Post Office.  Set up a post redirect to your new address for twelve months.  This might seem like a long time but for the cost, it is well worth it.

You can set up a redirection with the Royal Mail online. Make sure you set this up a week or two before you move so it’s all in place when you physically make the move.  You can set the redirection to start on a specific day.

Inland Revenue

Don’t forget to inform HMRC of your move.  You can tell HMRC of your change of address online.

Local Council

Your Local Authority will also need to be informed when you are moving home. This will be for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, you will need to change your details to cancel your Council Tax on your old property and set up payment for the new address.  In Fareham, you can change your details online on the Fareham Borough Council website.

Also, you will need to amend your details on the Electoral Register.  You can do this through the Government website.


You will need to change your details for your gas and electricity suppliers. You will need to inform your current supplier of your move and set up new accounts with your new suppliers.  This may be the same company, but also may present an opportunity to get a better deal with a competitor.

There are plenty of comparison websites that can help with this process such as Utility Saving Expert.  But do not forget to read your meters and submit these readings to your current supplier when you move.  Although you may be leaving these suppliers, remember to provide your new address so they can send the final bill.

Phone, TV and the Internet

Although most people rely on their mobile phones these days, they also rely on the internet.  In some cases, it may take up to two weeks to get an internet connection installed at a new property.  This can be very frustrating when you are so used to it.  It is strongly recommended that as soon as you have your move in date, order your internet service ideally for your move in day.  With the dependence of modern life on the internet, this will be a huge relief not just to you but particularly your kids!

Sky TV or whoever your provider is.  Order early.  But remember your TV provider may not be able to fully install their service until the internet is installed

Don’t forget to inform your mobile phone provider that you have moved.  In many cases, they will send your bill by email. It is always best to provide the correct correspondence address, in case there is an issue in the future.


Don’t forget to inform your insurers of your move. They may move the policy across, but it may be necessary to take out a new policy on the new property.  If you are purchasing your property, then you will need to get your house insurance in place as well as your contents insurance.  If you are moving over a period, speak to your insurers about having both properties and contents covered during this time.

Your Employer

Something that is often overlooked is informing your employer of your change of address.  Although most correspondence will no doubt be by email, or by hand when you are at your place of work, there may be the need for your employer to send you something in the mail on occasion. You do not want this going to the wrong address.

Your Bank and Credit Card Company

It is essential to let your bank and any credit card companies know that you have moved. Otherwise, any confidential notifications will be sent to the old address.  From a security perspective, it is essential to ensure that all your information is up to date with these organisations to avoid any problems. It may be necessary to go into a branch to change your address, as they may want to see your picture ID before changing your records.

Loan Providers

If you have any loans don’t forget to let the providers know of the change.  In most cases, you should be able to login to your account and make these changes online.  But if they do send anything out in the mail you do not want this to go to the wrong place.

Your Driver’s License

Another thing to remember when you are moving to a new house is to change the details on your driver’s licence. You can find the details on how to do this online at the DVLA website.

You will need to destroy your old driver’s licence and send this back to the DVLA. The process is explained online and is quite straightforward. Remember if you are going abroad and need your driver’s licence, to rent a car during this period, then it might be best to wait until your return, so you’ll have a valid driving licence whilst you are away.

Magazines and Subscription Services

If you subscribe to any magazines or any other subscription services where things are sent to your physical address, then you will need to inform them of the change. Also, if you have a newspaper delivered on a regular basis then ensure that your local newsagent is informed of the move.

Online Shopping Sites

Many of us shop online with companies such as Amazon. Invariably we will have registered a default delivery address for our goods. Make sure that you log onto your various online e-commerce accounts and change these details. it is very easy to order goods and without thinking about it have them delivered to the wrong address

Clubs and Organizations

If you are a member of any clubs or societies or any other organizations then you will need to inform them of your move. You may be able to do this online on their websites. But it may be worth creating a templated email with your change of address, which you can use for all these types of organizations, as well as anyone else where you need to provide a change of address.

Friends and Family

Most importantly you should let your friends and family know your new address details. The key reason for this is to ensure that all your housewarming gifts and cards get to the right place!

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