We take a lot of trouble to ensure that our homes are wonderfully decorated and fitted out with nice furniture and appliances. Most of us save up to buy the best we can afford and take pride in the way our houses look when everything is installed and looking good.

The thing about all these possessions is that we continually are tempted to buy new gadgets and upgrade our furniture when it gets a bit old and the fashions change. Its human nature, and we are persuaded by advertising and influenced by our friends.

However, when there comes a time to move, whether to a bigger or smaller place, we will have to take stock of what we have and look at ways of preserving the possessions during a move so that they are safe from damage and spoilage.

The hesitation always comes when you must get rid of some of your possessions, either when a new replacement comes along or when you have no space for them. This often causes unnecessary stress, but it’s an easy matter to solve.

The simple solution of course, is self storage. More and more people are finding this to be the quick and easy way out of a predicament of what to do with their stuff when there is no where to put it. Self storage throughout the country is widespread and accessible and the reason is that its cheap storage which is convenient and in reach of every pocket.

Looking for Storage Solutions

When deciding to move your goods out of the house into a self storage unit, there are several ways you can prepare your items for safekeeping offsite. Before you do the move estimate the volume of goods you wish to take to storage. If you can’t work it out because the goods are all in different places, then take an inventory and if possible, measure the height of any tall items you intend storing.

If some goods are bulky take their dimensions as well, just in case they may be too big for the storage unit or the truck.

The details are important for the company moving you and to ensure that they fit into the self storage unit.

  • Protecting and packaging your goods takes time and care but is a vital first step in the process. Buy sufficient moving supplies like strong corrugated cardboard boxes, paper to wrap, and bubble wrap to use for individual wrapping of fragile goods like mirrors and crockery and to protect corners on furniture.
  • Cheap is sometimes nasty. Do these words sound familiar? We are often tempted to DIY a move, thinking we can do it on the cheap by doing a few trips back and forth to the self storage. Remember that there are professionals that do this every day. Rather use recommended removal companies that will send a truck and labour large enough to pick up everything in one go and safely take and store them in the self storage unit for you. It’s the way to go.
  • Before you move anything, make sure that a self storage unit at the storage facility you have chosen is available. The popularity of self storage has sometimes left people waiting for a self storage unit to become available, so make sure you call early when you decide on using one.

Packing for Self storage

The massive relief that you will feel when you find discover the self storage company can assist you with all your problems will take the pressure off you. It will mean that you can move forward and get your home ready for the things you want to do. Whether its moving, downsizing or getting it ready for showing, self storage suits the purpose.

  • Start with the small bits and pieces, as they are the ones that are often bundled in at the end when you run out of time. Pack the fragile items in bubble wrap. Clearing the way by getting photos, ornaments, mirrors, and pictures into some boxes and sealing them will keep them free from damage.
  • You can even take your belongings to the storage unit in the car in your own time, just so that they are out of the way.
  • Keep the clothes that you wear regularly on one side and start with the rest, folding and packing them into boxes. Any seasonal items can also be packed.
  • Neaten up the kids’ rooms by getting all the toys, books, and playthings into order and ready for removal.
  • There will be a lot of clutter in your kitchen cupboards. Pack up everything that is only used occasionally and keep what is necessary.
  • Then tackle the big messy areas like the basement, loft and outside garden shed. There will be a lot that you can probably throw out at this juncture, and it’s a good opportunity now to declutter these places.

When you start filling your storage unit, do so in an orderly fashion: Have your boxes well marked so that you know where everything is in case you need something out of your self storage unit.

Choose Stop & Store Penrith

The storage facility at Stop & Store Penrith is easily accessed and is located just outside of Penrith. The storage units have been positioned for you to offload and reload your possessions without any fuss or effort. Contracts run month-to-month, which means that you are not in for an inhibiting long lease arrangement.

Sign Up Without Any Fuss

When you want to book a self storage unit, its equally as easy. There is no need to go any further than your computer, it can all be done over the phone and online. However, if you are in doubt about anything, like whether your goods will fit, or where we are, please just call our number and we will be happy to oblige.

Once you are online, send us your details, and we take it from there. You will receive an email with the contract which you can sign electronically and send back to us. After making your payment you will be given access to your unit. Quick and straightforward, in you go!

Contact us today by phone or email for a no obligation quotation on 01768 800291 and speak to our professional Stop & Store staff.

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