As we discover the convenience that self storage offers us, one of the major benefits we find is the safety that a self storage facility provides users for the storage of their goods. It means that when goods are stored in a storage unit in a storage facility operated by a top storage company, clients can sleep peacefully at night knowing that their possessions are completely safe.

When it comes to managing your storage unit, it couldn’t be easier, as you can be far away and not to have to worry about having to be there to ensure everything is in order. Choose the right storage partner, and your stay in a self storage unit will run seamlessly, no matter where you are.

This means that whatever the reason for choosing to self-store, in each instance it will serve your purpose. Like a move, or house clearance for making space at home, or for business reasons, they all work for these purposes.

Self storage is an instant solution when you run out of space or need extra space. The advantage of it is that you leave all your goods in the safe hands of professionals. The added surprise are the beneficial terms involved: no long leases, and affordable storage costs.

In holiday places like Cumbria, self storage is a boon for people who would like to have some items there that they can keep safely for recreational purposes, or as a storage place for goods they don’t want to keep taking back and forth to their homes.

Benefits of Self Storage Unit

This means that by renting a self storage unit they can leave their goods in self storage and are able to manage the self storage unit remotely from anywhere they choose.

The important thing is to find a self storage facility that is accessible and is run professionally. In the case of Stop and Store Penrith the facility is one of the best in the Penrith area. It is conveniently located close to the town of Penrith, just a ¼ mile off the A66.

As Cumbria may be just one of the holiday destinations on your list, you can travel further afield with peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safe. This is one of the big advantages of self storage. Putting them in the safe hands of Stop & Store is a cheap storage option that saves you from having to find some other more expensive way of looking after your goods.

Another consideration is that you may want to establish a branch of your business in the North Lakes area and need to be able to store inventory. By signing up for self storage you have no worries about the safety of your goods, which you can access at any time you need. The ease of loading and offloading also make it a perfect place for trucks of all sizes to deliver and collect for distribution to your customers.

When you are Using Self storage Remotely

When it comes to safety and security self storage companies make this their top priority. Right from the outset, you don’t need to be there to do the booking and get the access to the unit you want to rent. It means that you can book, pay, and get your access code without having to leave your desk.

One of the key aspects to check when doing the enquiry is to ask about security, as it’s the top priority when having to manage a self storage unit remotely.

With Stop & Store Penrith all our storage rooms are safely located in a building that is securely fenced in a gated area. The self storage units themselves are made of steel and secured by means of a heavy-duty security bar which fits right across the access door of the unit. The door has two heavy duty locks to prevent any unauthorized access. Then for added security everything is monitored by CCTV cameras installed around the premises.

In this way we are monitoring the safety of your possessions on a 24/7 basis, meaning that there is no need for you to have to check on them all the time.

The other factor in storage that needs to be considered is moisture and temperature of your storage unit. Excess humidity could damage your possessions, so it’s important to ask the right questions of your self storage service provider.

In the case of Stop & Store Penrith the self storage units are galvanized and individually insulated. This is done by the installation of a thermal liner: the purpose of which is to divert excessive heat and cold on the external side of the container away from affecting the contents inside the self storage unit. The benefit of this is to help keep the temperatures inside the container at ambient, rather than having your goods exposed to extremes.

Pack with Care

If you are going to leave your possessions in self storage and manage the storage remotely, the preparation leading up to the storage of your goods is equally as important:

While much of the packing and moving into self storage will be your responsibility, remember that these procedures are as important as their stay in storage. It means the following should be noted:

  • Prepare your goods for storage by following tried and trusted methods of wrapping and pre-preparation.
  • Choose the storage company that has a good reputation, read reviews and phone to ask the pertinent questions.
  • Ask about prices and don’t be afraid to enquire about deals that are offered.
  • Assess the safety measures offered and check that they are all in place.

Whatever recreational or business goods you need to store, you would want to make sure that they are kept in the same condition when collected as they were when they entered self storage. Following these steps will help ensure that they are in tip-top condition even after a long time in storage.

When you would like to keep your possessions safe in Cumbria, choose Stop & Store Penrith for its central location and great value.

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