When last did you take a critical look at your living environment? The trouble with many of us is that we tend to acquire and hoard. It’s not only new gadgets that we are after, but the trappings of society that lure us to buy more than we need. This is where a self storage unit comes into play. When space becomes tight and your house becomes cramped and cluttered, take some proactive steps to restore the free-flowing space of your home.

A house that is clean and airy, has a lot of space for movement and flows easily from one room to the next is a pleasure compared with one that is full of stuff and untidy. So, when extra space is needed why not consider renting a self storage unit from Stop & Store Penrith to solve this problem.

In addition, you will be amazed how affordable a self storage unit is, probably the cheapest form of storage available. So, when you need to keep your prized possessions in a secure environment tailor made for personal storage, get in contact with a storage facility like ours.

Typical Occasions When You Need Extra Space

There are many occasions that warrant the need for extra storage space. This could be at your business, or at home, or even when you are running a business from home.

  • A growing business at home

    So, you have set up a home office? Trouble is you may be too busy to keep all your business effects out of sight from the household. Once the business starts to grow, more and more space is needed to accommodate things like stock and paperwork. It doesn’t take long for everything to pile up and get in the way.Even the garage becomes a storage depot for your business. This can result in some dissatisfaction in the family too, so it’s best to prevent this from happening. The way to do it is by following a few easy steps.A growing business needs space and should not be at the expense of home comforts. Separate your business from home life. Pack up the documents that you have generated for record keeping purposes.

  • Your home is becoming too small for the family

    If this sounds familiar, then its quite normal for a home to become too small for a growing family. After all, as children grow up, they need more around them than just nappies. And there will be pressure on parents too, as they will ask for the comforts of life and all the accessories that go with this.

When the Need Arises to Make Space

Right, you have decided enough! It’s time to clean up and get your living spaces looking clean, tidy, and free flowing. What steps to take?

Firstly, identify all those items that you don’t use often, and those that you no longer require. This should be the easy part. Decide whether you’d like to give some things away. Like pieces of furniture that family members may make better use of, or that old refrigerator in the garage that you no longer use. You’d be amazed at how much stuff you have that someone else needs and doesn’t have the means.

A second avenue is to make some money out of what you don’t need. This will involve taking photographs of the items and advertising them online. When doing so, rather market to your local areas, as often transport of the item becomes a difficulty if it must travel a long distance.

Then there are charities and recyclers that are only to willing to take this extra burden off your shoulders, so make enquiries and see what you can donate. You may even get some small change for these.

All the while keeps in mind the end goal: to make your home more livable and less cluttered. If you are thinking of making some small changes to the flow by doing a few renovations, then you will have to find storage for the items that are in the way of your tradespeople when they do so.

In this case a self storage unit always comes in handy.

When You Need Extra Space your First Choice is Self Storage Unit

If you ask anyone that has used self storage, you will hear what a great service it is when extra storage is needed. The design and location that top self storage facilities provide are customer centered and completely suitable for the purposes of storing a wide range of goods, from furniture to leisure equipment and artworks.

This is because the self storage units, in the case of Stop & Store Penrith, are insulated and secured for their protection. The steel containers are in a building, which is secured in a fenced yard with controlled access. The thermal lining keeps the contents of the containers at ambient temperatures, protecting them against the swings of cold and hot that could occur.

When designing your new ergonomic look, we recommend that you make space for yourself by using self storage to keep as much as you like out of the way while you streamline your environment.

This includes your new look terrace, and garden where new garden furniture and a clean shed also are part of the refresh. It’s no good cleaning inside and leaving outside looking tatty. This will defeat what you are trying to achieve.

Sports equipment that is perhaps only used on occasions often make the place look untidy as they are bulky and get in the way. Self storage is an ideal, safe place to store all your sports equipment, especially when out of the season to use the equipment.

Stop & Store Penrith Your Storage Provider in Cumbria

When you are looking for extra storage in Cumbria, don’t despair. There is an immediate solution. It is Stop & Store, located on the outskirts of the town of Penrith, on the A66. Great value, secure storage, friendly people. That’s us.

If you would like to discover how affordable renting a self storage unit in Penrith is, then please phone us on 01768 800291 or find us on https://www.stopandstore.co.uk/penrith-storage/