Christmas is a happy event in many people’s calendar, but it can also be a source of stress. The present lists, invasion of guests and last minute food shop can leave your nerves feeling frayed. Getting organised and having a clear out beforehand can be a great way to minimise stress, and renting a self storage unit can be hugely beneficial.

Santa’s Workshop

If you have young children, you’ll know only too well how hard it can be to hide Christmas presents in the house. Classic hiding spots include the top of the wardrobe, under your bed or tucked behind towels in the airing cupboard. But kids can be savvy, and the last thing you need is your children unearthing their presents before the big day.

Renting a storage unit could be the perfect solution. All of the kids’ presents (and everyone else’s too, for that matter) can be safely hidden away in a budget storage unit until just before the big day. A storage room also solves the problem of trying to hide bigger presents including bikes and garden play equipment. You could even turn your unit into Santa’s workshop, using it as a great space to wrap everything in peace and without fear of being interrupted. Simply collect everything on Christmas Eve ready to place under the tree.

Make Space for Decorations

In December, you want your home to shine! Remove all your usual ornaments, candles and photographs to make space for Christmas cards, advent calendars and festive decorations. Making space means your Christmas decorations will stand our more, giving you a beautiful display. Carefully wrap the everyday items and place into boxes ready to keep in a storage unit over the Christmas period.

After Christmas, it is normal to feel fed up with all the decorations still lying around. Although it can be tempting to stuff them into a box and out of the way, carefully packing them will result in fewer breakages. Renting a storage unit will give you the space to carefully stack and organise boxes of decorations so that they still look just as good next year. When you take your decorations to the storage facility, you can collect your boxes of everyday ornaments and photographs ready to restore order at home.

Make Space for Relatives

Christmas is a time for seeing friends and family, and you may find yourself with what feels like a revolving front door. Your home that normally houses four people might suddenly need to accommodate eight or more.

Side tables, lamps and decorative seating can all be moved to a storage unit to make more space. Remove excess clutter including old toys, unused electricals and any exercise equipment (let’s face it, you won’t be getting on the treadmill until the New Year).

If you are likely to regularly host Christmas for family and friends, it may be worthwhile investing in extra furniture to seat a bigger crowd. Folding chairs and large dining tables are a great idea to make sure everyone can eat together. When Christmas is over, simply move this extra furniture into your storage room ready to bring out again at the next big occasion. This is a more comfortable solution than relatives perching on stools or sofa arms, and also ensures that your home remains clutter free for the rest of the year.

Make Some Cash

We’ve all been guilty of hoarding items that are no longer required, but finding time to declutter regularly can feel impossible. The run up to Christmas is the ideal time to get rid of anything you no longer want or need. Not only will it free up some much needed space, but by selling items at a car boot sale or via an online selling site you can quickly make some extra cash for presents or the big Christmas supermarket shop.

Rethink Your Christmas Tree

The traditional Christmas tree might feel like the heart of the home during winter festivities, but a 6 foot tree can take up a significant amount of floor space. A smaller tree placed on a side table can give the impression of height without encroaching on the room, leaving you with more living space. You could even purchase a space saving tree. These trees are flat at the back meaning that they can be tucked into the corner of the room whilst still looking like a normal tree from the front.

If you are absolutely determined to have a large Christmas tree, consider removing an unused piece of furniture from the room to ensure you have enough space to accommodate it comfortably.

Hidden Space

There may be some hidden space within your home that you are not making the most of. Clever storage solutions mean you can put away more items in a smaller space. Vacuum storage bags are great for storing duvets, pillows, clothing and linens compactly. Ottoman bed frames allow you to store shoes, clothes and books beneath the mattress so that they won’t become dusty. You could also consider putting more shelving in your airing cupboard for additional towels and bedding. Suitcases can also be filled with items that are not regularly used, rather than sitting empty in the loft.

If you are able to make the most of hidden spaces in your home, you may find that when December arrives your home feels less cluttered. If you have already maximised the use of any hidden space, a visit to a self storage unit at Stop and Store in Fareham could be exactly what you need to decide upon the right storage unit for your needs before Christmas.

Stop and Store Fareham

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