Office relocation can be a real headache if not done correctly. Most times moving office is forced on you as result of growth or downsizing, and it is something that is necessary. While the upheaval can be disastrous for the business, consider the fact that there is a storage solution that could save you a lot of trouble. It is called self storage, and there is likely to be a self storage facility near you.

There are a multitude of reasons for having to consider moving a business and even if they are because of increased growth, moving can be a real headache and the decision to relocate should not be taken lightly or in a hurry.

While it could be for financial reasons, such as a slowing of sales, or rental increase that can’t be afforded anymore, relocation may be considered a cost saving, but in the end could result in costing the business money, if not done correctly.

This is where a storage solution steps in as a short-term measure to bridge the gap between moving and staying. While storage facilities like Stop & Store Penrith do provide a month-to-month solution, when downsizing self storage units also provide a long-term storage answer, if this is what is needed at the time.

Your Office Relocation Plan

There is one thing for sure when any move is made. Have a plan. Invariably something goes wrong when a plan is absent, and the move is not well thought through.

Whatever the reasons for a relocation, one thing is clear. It is the organizers who are the people responsible for putting it all together. In the corporate context it is often the HR department that takes the lead at the instruction of the head of the company.

A solid well thought out plan can save a lot of trouble and of course money. It is also important to keep in mind that the company may be inconveniencing its staff members by relocating to a place that doesn’t suit them or costs them extra transport money.

Besides that, production routines could be interrupted resulting in stock outages and delayed deliveries which will cause annoyance to customers.

With Storage: Organization is Key

Making the most of space helps save money because when renting space, whether in the form of office or warehouse space, the way space is used requires good planning. Specialists like designers or space consultants know best how this should be done, and it may be advisable to consult one to ensure that the look, feel and comfort of your new premises are assured.

Included in this plan are issues that need some forward thought, such as future human resource recruitment, spaces that you may not have thought about before. These could include communal relaxation areas or extra parking facilities.

So, taking all of these into account will determine the size and number of workstations needed, their layout and organization according to different departments, including where to place equipment and what new furniture will need to be purchased.

Where Does Self Storage Fit In

As we all know, renting office space is an expensive move. There may be a lot of office equipment and documents that you don’t have immediate use for but wish to keep. All your archives need storage space, and obviously you’d look for the most affordable storage solution for these.

On top of these considerations are the issues of storage safety and proximity. Self storage is one of the safest storage options there is, and a self storage facility is likely to be nearby. In addition, it is a really good form of safe cheap storage for business.

This is why self storage is chosen for business purposes in the times where office relocation is being considered. Simply by storing items that are not in immediate use, but can be kept safely for future needs, the business will have a storage solution when moving.

Moving Office: Other Considerations

Coordination and planning are best done with the dedicated team, so appointing suitable persons to do this early on is advised. Also, they will be able to communicate with their department to advise best on the requirements needed.

These particularly apply to the technology of the business and ensuring the seamless move from one location to another so that when the move is completed, there are no glitches.

A business relies on data and communication, so the IT side is critical to its success. Sufficient power points, in the right places and server and network positions are to be in place. Staff should be asked to ensure that their data is secured through backups and secure storage.

In the case of a company with a lot of stock and deliveries going out, there should be no interruptions to this process, as good customer service is essential. Therefore, the relocation of stock and its organization must be well planned.

While getting the buy in and maintaining good communication with employees is important, it applies equally to customers. Treating staff with care as this process proceeds ensures their loyalty and continued efficiency, so it is important to do it right. Hopefully not too many, or any of your staff will be impacted by the move but be aware that this is a sensitive issue when this happens.

At the same time updates on the websites and social media will let your stakeholders know that that you are on the move.

Include Self Storage in your Planning

Of all the things that need to be arranged, self storage is one of the easiest, because it is geared up to help you when doing an office relocation.

Not only is self storage price in Penrith very affordable, but is nearby, being located just on the outskirts of the town. Self storage satisfies the basic requirements of an office relocation. That is position, safety, and price.

With that in mind as a business owner wanting to relocate, signing up for a storage rental could not be simpler. Arranging a storage rental can be done by going onto the Stop & Store website and contacting the storage facility in Penrith.

Once we have your information, a contract, that runs on a monthly basis, is drawn up and when your first month’s payment is made, you will be allocated access to your secure self storage facility in Penrith.

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