It’s not surprising that healthcare considerations top the list of priorities made by seniors when they are looking to downsize or move into a retirement home. Moving home can be a traumatic event on its own, and there are many other influences on the choice of residence and the type of life a retiree would like to choose in their old age. In looking at these not least is how they have looked forward to the day they retire, as the days of working are now over and its time, at last, to have a restful life for themselves. Self Storage Sutton in Ashfield

But in essence, it does not always turn out this way: and retirees always seem to be on the go, with a push-pull from their children and grandchildren as well as their friends.

How this is managed depends on the ability to say “no” at times and to be organized. Of course, it goes without saying that not everyone that retires has an unlimited bank balance, so money worries do enter the frame, and often this is linked to health considerations, being where the best treatment can be found in case it’s needed.

On retiring, there could still be another 20 years of the good life waiting to be enjoyed, so let’s look at how to gear up to make the most of them.

The care required when ill health occurs needs a network of support nearby. When choosing an area to relocate to, first get some idea of the town and community by talking to people in the area. Spend time there, even if you rent for a while, put your excess goods into short term self-storage to be safe.

Stop & Store Sutton in Ashfield self-storage storage units are designed for this purpose as ways to hold onto your household possessions while you look around and, in this way, give yourself some flexibility of movement.

Pace Yourself

Another important aspect for a retiree to look at is the access to transport linkages as when getting older, driving becomes more dangerous, (for driver and others on the road) and as such this will become an important factor in choosing where to live later in life.

Proximity to current friends and family is a priority, as friendships that have been built up over many years are not to be lost when moving. Being able to walk to the shops and leisure amenities or near nature for ambles in the countryside assume greater importance than before because exercise becomes something of a daily requirement to keep fit.

One of the common scenarios in retirement is that many people of similar age seek out the company and want you around. This is not a bad thing. Research has shown that friendly neighbours and a community that has good social activities are right there near the top of what retirees are looking for.

To keep everything under control and not let the social circle run away with you, a calendar of events is particularly useful to plan and regulate the social events, spacing the dates for bowls, golf, bridge, hikes, and gym classes. Money not being limitless also needs to be budgeted for, before all the fun eats away at the retirement income.

Keeping healthy is one of the major concerns as age creeps up and time ticks away. The balancing of lifestyle and maintenance of health form the basis of a fun retirement, let’s have a look at some ways to manage this best.

Keeping Young in Mind and Body

Getting older means that it takes a lot more to stay in shape. We may feel less like exercise because its hard to raise our game to do it. Walking works wonders, which is why a dog can be the catalyst for this, and regular walks can bring you both the exercise and joy of the outdoors that helps keep you in shape.

You may want to reignite your connection with an old hobby, love interest or travel somewhere on your bucket list, there is nothing stopping you: it’s your time now!

If you are not someone who is likely to put your feet up and sit on the couch for hours, your new-found free time offers you plenty of time to expand your hobby or start something new. It needn’t be a money-making venture, but a little extra income to supplement your retirement funds will be most welcome.

Once you have embraced the local situation and got to know the ropes, you can start filling your time with things that you enjoy.

This may involve some blogging or getting some of your experience into print. It’s all in your head where no one can get the benefit of all your experience.

Some retirees find it hard to leave the apron strings of their past job, with the people that have been their colleagues for many years. Ease out of the situation by doing consulting work where you can pass on some of your rich knowledge to others. The working from home concept is so well accepted that you don’t have to go anywhere either. Another way of staying in touch is through an online platform that offers assignment work that is in your sphere, and you can keep your brain active and earn some income.

Through it all you have Stop & Store self-storage if you would like to live simply in an uncluttered environment. We offer short and long-term rentals to suit your pocket and give you the space you need.

Downsizing takes careful consideration, considering all the considerations of health facilities, proximity of friends and family, transport networks, access to amenities and of course the local pub.

We provided a range of storage units of different sizes to suit your requirements which are safe, secure, dry, and pest controlled for short- or long-term storage.

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