Do you ever wonder whether you store your inventory in a professional manner? As we know, space costs money, and when using space to store inventory, there are a number of key factors involved in arranging your inventory to maximize the use of that space.

As leaders in storage provision, Stop & Store Penrith always strive to advise our customers on how to organize their inventory when at home or at the business. Even though we provide affordable storage in Cumbria, it’s well advised that you make the most out of the self storage unit rental when space is required by maximizing its use.

Self storage fits the bill for both domestic and commercial, affordable storage needs. Students and travelers also find the space self storage offers especially useful when having to store their goods while on vacation or traveling away from home.

Besides packing your unit carefully there are number of quick check items to be considered before renting a self storage unit nearby.

Do You Have to Travel Far to Your Self Storage Facility?

The position of the self storage facility you choose is important. You wouldn’t want to travel too far to get there as you may want to visit the unit from time to time to retrieve something. In many cases affordable storage is less expensive the further out of the city you go, so this is to be considered against the price you are quoted versus the convenience of having the unit nearby.

The Facilities: Do They Suit You?

Check out whether the opening hours of the storage facility suit you and your work patterns. Often the hours are related to security, some affordable storage facilities preferring to keep to daytime hours to be on the safe side.

If you need to be assured that your goods are stored in an environment that suits the contents, ask about the insulation or temperature controls. In the case of Stop & Store Penrith, the thermal insulation of the steel containers keeps the inside temperature at ambient, a big advantage to renters.

Ascertain whether the access to the self storage unit will be easy. If it is on ground floor level then you would expect an easy passage, however anything on a multi-level could be more difficult, so ask upfront whether this is the case.

Finding the Right Unit for You

Security and access are two of your most important considerations. A well secured storage facility is what you are looking for, while controlled access will ensure that what is stored in a self storage unit is completely safe.

In the instance of Stop & Store Penrith this is guaranteed. The impenetrable steel containers are secured by a heavy-duty bar across the door.

If you would like to delegate authority of access to someone else, then the key control responsibility will be yours.

This particularly applies to when you may be traveling away from home for lengthy periods, and you need someone trusty to check up on your goods in storage.

Even thought most self storage units will offer a dry environment that is pest free, its always best to check up on your possessions from time to time if they are in long term storage.

Managing Your Inventory for Storage

If you are a business and wish to keep your inventory organized to the best of your ability, here are some handy tips to help you do so.

Firstly, as far as possible arrange your inventory in one central location. This will enable much easier control of inventory for all those involved. Racking and shelving is very handy in that it helps keep the inventory in an organized fashion making any stock item easy to access when so required.

Customers often what to know more about your products, and request information or pictures from time to time. It’s wise to have photographs of the range available together with label details, on file.

Keep like products together, grouping them in the categories for which they are known. Those that sell the fastest should be in front and easily accessible.

Plan your storeroom for ease of access, making room for aisles where pallet jacks or forklifts can move without being hindered. By making use of good lighting your stock is easily visible and less errors are made when controlling and distributing your inventory.

We mentioned racking: using racks enables the use of vertical space, they give height and use space above head height that is not often used.

Controlling stock through inventory management software is a worthwhile investment if you are serious about protecting your assets and keeping a tight reign on inventory management. This involves accurate record keeping and document storage as well.

How to Rent a Self Storage Unit

The two steps required to get yourself occupying a self storage unit are making the booking and doing the move.

When you need a self storage unit in Cumbria, choose a convenient location like the storage facility at Stop & Store Penrith. It’s handily positioned near the junction of the M6 and A66 arterial route going East just outside Penrith.

You will not need to come there to do the booking. Just make the enquiry online or by phone. Once you realize how affordable storage in Penrith is, you are sure to want to get yourself sorted out as quickly as possible.

When we have your details we email you your agreement, which is not onerous: it runs month-to-month, and once we have your first month’s payment, we give you access.

We even prorate your first month if you join us during the month. Other than a key deposit, there are no further charges.

Then the job of moving and storing the goods can be done. We recommend leaving this part to the professionals who for a minimal charge are sure to manage the job quickly and easily.

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