The days of having to worry about finding space for your storage needs are over. Short-term, long-term, or temporary storage, these are all part of what storage companies offer nowadays. The aim is to make storage as easy as possible for those looking for storage solutions.

The fact that there is a high possibility of storage facilities near to you wherever you are is a sign of the wide use storage facilities have. Storage solutions providers are locating storage units across the country. Stop & Store Penrith is located just outside of the town of Penrith on the A66, ideally positioned for the residents and business owners that are seeking storage solutions in the area.

This makes storage accessible to all those needing extra space for whatever purpose they may have.

When you do decide to use a self-storage solution you will want to match the size of the storage unit to the amount of goods you are planning to store. The second consideration is that it’s important to know exactly what you have in storage and where it is located in the storage unit.

Let’s look at these two issues to help you maximize your storage experience.

Tips to Make Storage Solutions Work for You

The first bit of advice is to use your storage unit in an organized way. This means that the way you prepare, and pack is very important to ensure that you make the best use of your self-storage unit.

Know the size unit you are going to use

Often you can get a good idea of the size unit you need by following the guidelines of the storage facility’s space calculator. It’s not a good idea to choose a unit that is too small because you will end up cramming everything in and not being able to access things when you need them.

Our 65sq ft units at Stop & Store Penrith are secure insulated steel containers designed to accommodate the contents of a small apartment. They are ideal for the average size a homeowner or business would need when requiring a storage solution.

If you are unsure of the size related to the storage solutions you are requiring, simply call us at the office and we will guide you accordingly.

Pack with a Plan in Mind

Knowing what is in every box will help you when you need something in storage. There are several options to choose from, and depending on which one you choose, the common denominator is to record what you have done so that you can trace your packed goods.

One of the best is to identify boxes with a numeric label, and simultaneously to make a list of all your items packed recording which number box they are packed in. It helps to pack like boxes together, such as all the kitchen boxes or bathroom boxes in sections. You can also divide the self-storage unit into its own designated areas for this.

Remember to pack things that you may need in easily accessible places, preferably towards the entrance of the self-storage unit.

Don’t Rush your Packing

Whatever you need to pack, inevitably it is more than you thought, and will take longer than you think. Just as an example, how much will you find in the kitchen cupboards that you never use, or had forgotten about? It’s astonishing how much extra you accumulate without even realizing it.

The recommendation is that you give yourself enough time to pack. Do this in a systematic manner, starting room by room ensuring all is packed and labelled. The job is made far easier if you do it this way, rather than moving randomly through the house without finishing anything. In this way it will become clear to you how far you are, and you will be able to gauge your progress against the time left to pack.

When it comes to furniture, best that you disassemble the pieces where you can, it will make handling a lot easier and when storing, the pieces can fit into each other a whole lot easier. Try to avoid putting your clothes in bags, it may seem the easy way out, but its’ not the best way to pack them as they get creased and can be damaged this way.

To maximize the use of space when packing clothes, a tip is to roll them tightly and pack them. It is a way to avoid creasing and to save on space.

Once packed you are ready to move.

Elevate if Possible

On the day of the move, you would want to prepare your storage unit before the arrival of your goods. It’s always a good idea to store goods off the floor. Even though the storage unit should be dry and free of pests, storage on pallets or on shelving elevates your stored goods to eye level.

You can also label the shelves so that you know exactly where everything is, and in case you wish to direct someone other than yourself to the storage unit.

Using shelves also serves the purpose of elevating boxes, which prevents damage due to water leakage, rodents, and pests.

Vertical storage also helps make the most of space. As our units are 2 meters in height, you have ample height to stack your possessions in our units.

Always check the small print of your contract about the rules pertaining to shelving as it won’t be possible to affix anything permanently to the walls of the unit.

Sturdy corrugated boxes or plastic containers are the most well accepted containers to pack in, and they are fine for stacking too.

Rent a Storage Unit

Stop & Store Penrith make it easy for you to rent a storage unit. Simply go online and book a unit. Once we have your details, we draw up an agreement for you to sign and which we ask you to send back to us. Our prices are very reasonable, and you are advised to look out for special offers.

The contracts run month-to-month with no deposit required.

Give us a call today for a no obligation quotation on 01768 800291 or find us on