You will be pleasantly surprised when you find out that there is a new self storage facility near you in the South Lakes area of Cumbria. No need to scratch your head when looking for a storage solution for your household storage or business storage needs. The secure storage solution has been found. It comes in the form of the new storage facility just outside Kendal.

Driven by market demand, Stop & Store are opening their new facility to provide an affordable storage solution in the South Lakes. The facility has all the offerings you would expect from a top storage company. Security, easy access, and affordability. These offerings combine well for both short term storage and long-term storage in the area.

The convenience and easy way a self storage rental is done, means that it is virtually an immediate storage space that is available. This is so useful when storage space is needed in a hurry. There are many instances when this occurs, and when the unexpected happens and you need space, self storage is your solution.

Secure Storage with Flexibility

Customers have the choice of three storage unit sizes at Stop & Store storage facility in Kendal. When getting the load ready for storage it is advisable to measure the approximate volume so that you can rent the appropriate size option. The friendly Stop & Store staff will readily assist you if you need some advice on how much fits into each unit size.

  • The smallest size self storage unit is 43 sq feet. This is perfect for storing the contents of a one bedroomed flat, or the equivalent of accommodating 120 medium sized boxes and is approximately equal to a load of a Transit van
  • The next size up is 65 sq feet. Imagine storing the contents of a two-bedroomed flat in one of these units, or packing everything in about 175 medium-sized boxes, loaded on a Luton van.
  • And the biggest size unit is 89 sq feet, which is about the right size to store the entire contents of a two-bedroom house, or equal to about 240 medium-sized boxes. This is the equivalent to a load on two Luton vans.

Our self storage units are dry and free of any pests, meaning that your goods are stored in an ideal storage environment.

Rentals for short term 

This may imply that you only need to store for a short while: like two to three months. This is quite common, although rentals are often extended when the user finds how useful and what cheap yet secure storage offers.

The great thing about the rental contract with self storage is that the contract only runs month-to-month. This means that as a renter you are not bound to a long lease, as you would be in other circumstances involving traditional premises rentals.

This really helps when you are for example, relocating a home, or must move between one home and another. In these circumstances, there would be a need to keep possessions secure for a while. If any delays occur, simply extend the period by a further month, and so discover the convenience and flexibility self storage provides.

Not only are your house contents safe from any pilferage, but being an insulated storage unit, at Stop & Store our  storage units provide an ideal ambient controlled environment for their further protection.

In the same way when moving you may decide to do some renovations or prepare your house for showing. In both instances you may want to get some of your household possessions out of the way while you do so. Self storage is your answer. Simply load on a Luton or transit van and get them dropped off at the storage unit.

In all instances self storage gives you a lot of flexibility for a very affordable storage rental price.

Visitors to the South Lakes region come to explore the natural beauty it offers. With this come the addons like bicycles. A self storage unit is the ideal place to store these as their safety is assured and it saves bringing them from home every time.

Secure Storage Rentals for Long Term

Look out for incentives that may be offered to store longer term. In some cases, self storage units offer a discount of one-month free rental for storage time periods of over two months.

In many instances such as storing seasonal items, sports, or leisure equipment such as just described a self storage unit becomes a long-term option. Some rentals last for years as renters find this sort of storage method the most cost effective for themselves.

Our storage facility is securely fenced, the units double locked with a heavy-duty security bar in place. The facility is monitored night and day by means of CCTV cameras.

Overseas assignments or holidays that could endure for long periods of time are also made less worrying when all your possessions are securely tucked away in a self storage unit and put into the safe hands of the storage company.

You may be thinking of downsizing but don’t want to sell the family heirlooms. Well, self storage takes a lot of the pressure off you. Simply store them until you find a good home for them.

The nice thing is that getting your goods into the unit is quick and easy. Our units are designed to give you easy load/offload access. Just one suggestion: leave that to the professionals. They come and load your goods and safely store them, giving you a seamless transit and reducing the stress involved.

Rent at Stop & Store Kendal

Renting a self storage unit at the new facility is easy. To make it easy it can be done online. A refundable security deposit is applicable, it is £45. Your first month’s rent is prorated and thereafter deductions are automatically made from your card.

Stop & Store Kendal self storage facility will be opening in the new year at Beckside Business Park, Gatebeck, Kendal, Cumbria, LA8 0HR. Access is Monday to Sunday, 8 am to 6 pm.

If you would like to rent a unit, please contact us on: 01539 662770