Have you ever had a great idea but failed for some reason to make it into reality? It’s like, let’s go on a trip to somewhere exotic or treat ourselves to an adventure that has been on our bucket list for ages. Self Storage Unit Penrith

Then as the thought sinks in, you find all kinds of excuses not to do it. Your mind goes to who is going to look after the dogs when you are away? Or we can’t leave the teenagers, because you imagine that they are going to miss you too much.

Meanwhile, when you look at your objection more closely, the kids will be more than happy to see the back of you, and of course your sister will gladly look after the dogs.

Often a good idea is thwarted by obstacles that in reality can easily be overcome. Ideas that involve setting up a gym at home, or a chill area where you can watch movies and make it your own for enjoyment. Finding the space to do this should never stop your idea from becoming reality.

That’s precisely where we at Stop & Store Penrith can assist you. We have secure storage units for you to clear your home or business of items that are taking up space for you to convert your idea into practice. Like taking the furniture out of the way and clearing the room to make space for your exercise or entertainment room.

Find out more about how self storage can help liberate you when you have a good idea and need a little flexibility to carry out your dream.

Self Storage for Home or Business

You are sure to want to find extra space for your activities, but maybe you think it’s not so easy to find.   A self storage unit is the perfect place to unload all the things that are in your way. Even in a business sense, think of the records and paperwork that are cluttering up the offices that could be stored securely out of the way in a self storage unit.

This of course is just one example, but the principle is: if its in the way or used infrequently, or even if you are concerned about the safety of something, it will be better off in a self storage unit. Here it will be secure and stored in a cost-effective manner.

When renting your self storage unit for home or business, there are a number of tricks that will assist you to maximize the use of the storage space the unit offers.

How to Maximize Height and Wall Space in Self Storage

We all tend to think of the storage unit’s floor as the only pace to store our goods. But if we do, we are restricting ourselves from using all the space that is available to us. Get your storage unit organized before moving in by erecting some freestanding shelving against the walls.

Vertical stacking helps make use of the extra space that the height of the self storage unit offers. Remember to put the lightest things on top when you do. You may even be able to hang a bicycle or awkward item like skis from the roof trusses of the storage unit if they offer you the opportunity to do so.

Try and Keep the Storage Boxes the Same

The stability of the packing materials will determine how high and safe from damage the contents will be. Naturally the more robust the packing materials, the stronger they will be. Plastic containers are a good option, especially if are stackable, and can be put onto a trolley.

If you are using boxes, try and keep the number of sizes down to just two options. This makes for a uniform method of packing and is somewhat easier to lay your packed goods out. Also, it is far easier to pack things in an orderly manner if the boxes are all the same.

It goes without saying that the things you are unlikely to need when they are in storage should be packed at the back, and of course all the heavy boxes should go on the floor. If you have pallets, they should be used because, even though the self storage units are normally dry, moisture is known to creep up through the floor from time to time.

Know Where Everything Is

The general rule is to pack in a sequential manner. This implies that the contents of each room or cupboard should ideally be packed together. This makes it far easier to unpack again.

Of course, one should know what’s in the boxes, which is why it’s also advisable to keep a packing list.

Simply put, label each box on a few sides so that you don’t have to turn the box around to see the contents label, and write up an inventory list to cross reference where everything is to make it easy to locate anything if you need it.

Now that you have the low down on how to efficiently store your goods in a self storage unit, you can optimize the space for yourself, and in doing so free up an area for your new idea.

We are sure that once you realize this opportunity exists and you see that it’s so easy to do, your inspiration will blossom.

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We operate on a month-to-month basis, and there are no onerous long-term commitments, although of course you can stay as long as you like, just providing us with a month’s notice when you are finished with your self storage unit.

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