When you decide to put your belongings in a self storage facility you want to know that they will be safe. It makes no difference whether you are placing them in storage for a few weeks or a few years, when you take them out at the end you want them to be in the same condition as they were when you placed them in storage.

At the very least, you want them to be secure in the storage unit with no threat of being stolen.

You would also expect the self storage facility to take all precautions possible against damage from fire and floods.

Keeping your valuables safe in self storage is a joint responsibility between you and your storage facility. The facility can provide a safe, clean environment, but your responsibility is to ensure that your valuables are packed and stored in such a way that they are protected for as long as they are in storage.

Here are some security tips for keeping your valuables safe in self storage.

What to Look for in a Self Storage Facility

  1. Search for a self storage facility offering superior protection

    Security and the safety of your valuables must be a priority when looking for a self storage facility so the following measures are a must.

    There should be a fenced perimeter, with adequate lighting. There should be no access for anyone who isn’t working or renting from the facility. This can be achieved by issuing electronic key codes for entry and exit, or by gaining access with a personal PIN code.

    Video surveillance offers excellent protection. A monitored CCTV can be used to identify an intruder if the worst happens, and there is a burglary. An intruder alarm will add a further level of protection.

    Where applicable, the self storage units should be secured using a security lock or padlock to prevent unlawful entry to a unit.

  2. Check the immediate environment

    An indoor storage unit should be clean, and the construction should be sound. The two main issues that will cause major damage to your valuables are any moisture and pests such as beetles and rodents.

    You don’t want your valuables to be exposed to the environmental factors of cold, heat, and dampness. One of the ways that your stored items will be damaged is if they develop mould or mildew problems from being exposed to moisture.

    Check for any cracks in the concrete or an ill-fitting door to your unit. This will allow pests and vermin to access your belongings. Rodents will cause havoc with your stored items such as your mattresses, clothing, upholstered furniture, and even cords and pipes of your appliances. Insects such as roaches and moths can decimate your stored books, documents, and clothing.

Steps You Can Take to Ensure that Your Valuables Remain Safe in Storage

Renting a self storage unit in a facility is a partnership between you and the facility. For your valuables to stay safe you have to do your bit too. You can’t rely solely on the facility – once you have chosen one with the right security in place, it is up to you to make sure that your goods are prepared for storage.

Here are some tips for ensuring that your valuables survive their stint in self storage.

  1. Pack your goods securely by making sure loose items are wrapped and placed in boxes. Choose strong cardboard cartons or stackable plastic boxes. When packing into your storage unit, place heavy boxes at the bottom and pile lighter boxes on top to prevent any fragile items from being smashed, and heavy stacks from shifting and toppling over.
  2. Prepare your furniture and appliances for storage by making sure that they are clean and dry to prevent mildew and mould. Cover upholstered items and wood furniture with sheets and blankets to protect them. Stack bulky heavy items at the back of your unit. Don’t store heavy items on top of your electronics to prevent them from breaking.
  3. Never store foodstuffs or live plants in your storage unit as these will encourage pests such as rodents and beetles.
  4. Place moth repellants in with your books, photographs, and documents while you store them to discourage pests.
  5. Place a tarpaulin on the floor of the unit to cover the cement floor or pack your goods on wooden pallets. This will help with airflow and prevent any dampness from seeping out of the cement floor into your possessions.
  6. Any inflammable items are a no-no for storage, as are illegal or stolen goods.
  7. Organise your storage unit by category of items to make it easier for you. Put any items that you may need to access while your goods are in storage at the front of the unit.
  8. Place temporary shelving along the walls to make use of vertical space.
  9. Leave an aisle down the middle of the boxes to make packing and unpacking easier.
  10. Remember to label every box in detail. The more organised you are when you pack your boxes and your unit, the less likely it is that your goods will be damaged whilst in storage.

By following these security tips for self storage you can be confident that your goods will be protected whilst they are in storage.

Stop & Store Fareham: Secure self storage facility

We take the safety of your goods as seriously as you do. These are some of our measures for keeping your valuables safe in self storage.

  • We have a state-of-the-art security system with a CCTV monitored 24/7. We also have intruder alarms.
  • Access is strictly controlled. When you book and pay, you will receive your PIN code which gives you access to the facility.
  • Our facility is well-lit and securely fenced.
  • We have a wide choice of unit sizes so you can be sure that there is one that is perfect for your needs.
  • Our units themselves are clean and in good condition.
  • We are flexible with no lock-in contracts. You can hire a self storage unit for as short or as long a time as you wish.
  • Enquire about our special offers that are sure to save you money.
  • Please check our website for reviews that have been left by our customers.

Please contact us on Tel: 01329 556174 We look forward to hearing from you.