We spend more time then we like inside our cars, and we often mistreat them by not washing nor cleaning them out. Well, let’s change that up, shall we? Keeping your car looking clean will boost your mood when you step inside it each morning and will please the people that ride along with you as well.

How To Keep Your Car Clean & Organized

By doing these small things each day, you will never have to do a “major” clean again, small steps go a long way.

Back Seats Down

Weird right? Well, I promise this has a purpose. With those people that have cars on the smaller side, this tip is especially useful for you. Having your back seats lowered does two things, keeps your back seats newer longer, and allows for more cargo space. It also keeps dirt from getting in between the backseats of your car. If you can, keep em down.

Transform Your Trunk

I hate when things are sliding around in my trunk, and especially my groceries. When I come home from the store and find all my bags have spilled open, it really grinds my gears. Solution? Use a trunk organizer! Here is one that you can grab off Amazon for cheap. Trust me, this is a life saver.

Always Be Cleaning

Stopping at the gas station? Time to clean out the car. When you are waiting for your gas to pump quickly go through the car and throw away as much as you can. Have kids? Make this into a game, challenge them to clean out as much as they can before the pump stops, a great way to put them to work. Another tip for cleaning, empty tissue boxes make for a great mini trash can for the car. When it’s full just throw the whole thing out, simple.

We hope that these tips will help your car stay organized and clean. Is it, after all, your most expensive possession so treat it well.

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