These days it is not advisable to take a chance with leaving your assets, whether they are at home or in your business, unattended. The rise in cyber attacks on information which is causing Governments and businesses to be doubly alert is just but one example of the way things are going in the world of today. Stop & Store Secure Self Storage Units in Penrith

It’s not only information or intellectual property that is being stolen, but physical goods are also being pilfered on a daily basis by unscrupulous individuals and syndicates. This brings into question the way data, inventory and people’s possessions are stored. Secure storage requires a few levels of checks and balances and rigorous procedures that need to be followed to assure the safety of whatever is being stored.

As a leading storage provider, Stop & Store takes considerable care about how it secures the contents of its storage units. Stop & Store Penrith designed its new storage facility with maximum security in mind. We like to think it’s a jail for our customers’ goods, providing secure storage that is as good, or even better than any storage anyone can find.

This is why when the question about which storage method is the most secure, self storage must be right up there with the best.

What Makes Self Storage So Secure?

In the case of our storage facility at Stop & Store Penrith, we took into account the need to create multi-layered security in the design phases. By this, we mean that a would-be thief would face a number of barriers to entry. The first is the location.

While being user friendly and conveniently accessible on the outskirts of Penrith, it’s an easy place of secure storage to access if you are authorized to do so, while being impenetrable for the person of danger.

Self storage a way to go when you need extra storage rooms to store the mounting business-related things that are taking up space. It could be the paperwork that you are required to archive or inventory that needs to be held.

Prior to deciding about how you would like to store your goods, take time to consider the benefits that self storage offer you not only in terms of the security it provides but also the affordability and convenience factors as well.

When you rent a self storage unit you will be getting the secure storage you need in Penrith at a price that no one can beat.

Customer service excellence is our mantra, where we strive to provide you, the customers with great service at every level, from the fist enquiry until after you have completed your secure self storage experience with us at Stop & Store.

What Internal Secure Storage Arrangements to Look For

At Stop & Store Penrith we have a sophisticated CCTV surveillance system in place that monitors activity 24/7.

But it’s not the only thing that provides the security that is needed: the self storage units at Stop & Store are made of steel with a lining to keep the contents at ambient temperatures. The combination of the impermeable exterior and lined interior keep the goods inside safe from theft and safe from damage from the climatic conditions outside.

The units themselves are housed in a secure building that offers restricted access to authorized persons only.

Once you have been allocated a self storage unit at Stop & store Penrith, you will be given your own secret access code. Upon entry to the storage facility, you will be provided with double locks for the door of the steel container unit. These are as important as any of the security features.

The strong steel door that gives you access to your storage unit has a secure bar that fits across the door, where you secure the contents with a padlock.

There is little doubt that self storage is one of the most secure storage methods there is. So when you next need storage, you can rest assured your goods will be safe.

Secure storage at your doorstep

When you rent a self storage unit from us it’s as easy as a phone call or going online to do it. Not only does it feel like you are on our doorstep from the beginning of the process, but when you actually move in, we make it as easy for you as possible.

From the time you make the enquiry to moving in you will experience a quick seamless approach to the rental of a self storage unit. It’s not like finding the other type of commercial storage where onerous deposits and restrictive leases are put in your way. No, there is none of that with self storage. It’s a month-to-month obligation only: meaning that you can move out at short notice if your plans change, or you need to take your goods back out of secure storage.

Our storage facility is so handily situated on the perimeter of Penrith itself, just off the A66. When you are seeking secure storage in Cumbria to store any form of household or business goods, consider Stop & Store, Penrith.

Let us know when you are looking for secure storage near Penrith, and let us help you with a no obligation quotation. Call us on 01768 800291 or find us on