Carrying out any renovations to your home can be a challenging process, so the last thing you need is for your possessions to be ruined by dust and careless workmen. Even the smallest renovation will take time, with a larger renovation taking a month or two, so you will want to make sure your belongings don’t get damaged.

It is worth considering hiring a self-storage unit to store your possessions while you carry out your renovations. Stop & Store self storage Clacton may be the perfect solution to keeping your belongings safely during the renovation process.

A house renovation project is exciting but can get complicated. But the solution to clearing your house out and ensuring your belongings are protected is using a self-storage unit.

One of the benefits of hiring a unit at Stop & Store self storage Clacton is that you are not tied down to a contract. You can hire for a short time or if there are delays, you can easily extend your lease. This flexibility, as well as our competitive pricing, will make your life easier during what can be a stressful time.

Renovations: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Storage Clacton

Renovating an old house is a large undertaking that can yield some unplanned and nasty surprises which will eat into your budget. Below are some problems that you may come across.

Plumbing and Electrical Works

If you are renovating an old house, you are sure to come across out of date plumbing and electricals that need to be replaced. Your architect will have advised you to budget for these changes.

If your house is older than 60 years, your plumbing was probably done using galvanized piping which gets blocked over time. These days plumbers use PVC pipes so budget for these old ones to be replaced.

Modern electrical wiring is needed to accommodate our sophisticated lighting and appliances, so bear in mind that you will need to replace the old with the new to avoid any future electrical problems.

Look for Water Damage

Water damage is insidious and tends not to be noticeable until the renovations start. Old leaking pipes can cause damage to walls or wood, causing them to rot or become mouldy. A leaky roof will cause damage to the ceiling and cornices which may be extensive on close inspection.

Water damage will require your attention as all damaged areas will need to be replaced or repaired.

Botched Older Renovations

You may come across areas in your home that have previously been badly renovated using inferior products, taking short cuts or botched DIY jobs. It is best to remove the traces and replace with good workmanship. It is difficult to patch up something bad, so rather change it.

Structural cracks

Cracks or faults with a house’s foundation is a big problem and is expensive to fix. It can happen in older homes when the soil has subsided, or the concrete used was inferior. It requires engineering skills to fix, as the solution may be to inject new supports, or worst-case scenario, a new foundation.

Storage Options Available to You

Below are some options for you to consider.

  • Hire a storage unit Storage Clacton

    The beauty of hiring a self-storage unit is that you can even clear out large items to give yourself space while renovating. If you hire a self-storage unit at our facility at Stop and Store Clacton you can rest assured that your belongings are safe and secure. Our facility offers ease of loading and off-loading, and we have a wide range of sizes from 12sq.ft to 200sq.ft for you to choose from. It is important to hire a large enough unit that will be able to store your furniture adequately.

  • Find storage space in your own house

    If you are redecorating a few rooms this may be the best option, but for a larger renovation, unless you have unused extra space, this may prove difficult. The garage and attics in most homes are already full of unused items. If you have a complex renovation that is expected to take some time, it is sometimes better to remove everything and leave a blank canvas for workers so that your belongings do not get damaged.

    Remember also to make space for yourself if you plan on staying in your home while the renovations are in progress, and you are planning changes to your living space. You will need a clean space free of mess to escape to when you need to.

  • Store with family and friends

    This is probably your last resort as if your renovation goes over your deadline, and you need to remove your belongings as it may not be convenient any more for them to be stored. Avoid this if you can to keep your relationships intact.

How to Make Self Storage Clacton Work for You

  • Use strong boxes to pack your belongings into, pack similar goods together, and label each box in detail. You will thank yourself when you have to either find something while you are renovating or when you finally need to unpack them.
  • Pack the items that you won’t be needing any time soon towards the back of the storage unit. These would include large furniture and any seasonal goods or sporting goods like camping equipment, or Christmas decorations.
  • Pack your stuff by leaving pathways so that you have easy access to all parts of the unit. This will avoid the frustration of not being able to reach something because there is stuff in the way.

Self Storage is the Answer : Storage Clacton

At Stop & Store Clacton we provide you with a solution to keeping your household possessions safe while you carry out your renovation.

Your goods are accessible if you should need them at any time as we operate 8am to 8pm every day of the week. Our system is state of the art, offering you a great customer experience. You will receive a unique PIN to be able to access your unit. We offer special offers and deals on our storage units so please check our website.

Please contact us on 01255 446174. We look forward to hearing from you.