Many of us will have a small collection of keepsakes or memorabilia. Items from your favourite football team, toys from childhood and foreign coins can all be squirrelled away in the back of the wardrobe. But when a small collection grows to a sizeable assortment, it might be time to find a new place to store your valuables. Renting a personal storage unit could be the perfect place to safely rehome your collectibles.

Why Do We Have Collectibles?

Collectibles are popular for several reasons. Many will be old and therefore hold sentimental value. Owning a vintage sign, lunchbox or car might evoke fond memories and feelings, and it may feel impossible that you would ever want to part with your piece of history.

Another common reason for holding onto a collection is that it is either worth a lot of money now, or could have a high value in the future. If you’re not ready to sell your items yet, it is certainly worth holding onto them as they may continue to increase in value.

Collectibles for Storage

So, what might you want to store, and how can you ensure its condition is preserved whilst in a storage unit? Here we look at collectibles that are commonly stored in the UK.

  • Antique Furniture

The look and feel of antique furniture can take you straight back to Sundays spent at your parents’ or grandparents’ house. Beautifully treated wood, ornate handles and old metals are crying out to be displayed and loved. However, bulky furniture can take up a lot of space in your home. The antique style may also clash with any modern furniture you already have in place.

Unless you want to sell, placing antique chairs, tables, dressers and bed frames into storage will give you time to make a decision about either using the furniture or selling it. Make sure the furniture is carefully packed to avoid bumps and scratches, and try to lift it off the floor using pallets where possible. This will keep the furniture in good condition for when you have made a decision.

  • Vinyl Records

Vinyl has made a comeback in recent years, and even supermarkets can be seen selling records alongside CDs. However, nothing compares to the records of yesteryear. Original copies of one of David Bowie’s records sold for over $3,000, so it can be well worth holding onto any vintage records!

Vinyl records should be cleaned before placing in their jackets. The jackets should then be placed upright into a lidded crate to minimise slanting. Additional crates can then be stacked on top.

  • Novels

It is easy to amass a large collection of novels, many of which you may never get round to reading! Some novels, including first editions, can be worth a staggering amount. First editions of Harry Potter novels sell for upwards of $4,000! If you have valuable novels, or simply want somewhere to house your own personal library, a storage unit rental is a great option.

Give each book a gentle wipe down to remove dust and dirt, and then place into a plastic box. Very valuable editions may benefit from being stored individually in plastic covers prior to placing into the box. Books should be placed vertically with the paper edges facing upwards. This protects their shape as they support each other.

  • Comic Books

Vintage comics that have inspired TV and film can offer you a good income. Single issues of the Black Panther series, for example, can sell for $50. A minor defect can affect a comic book’s value, so only handle them with clean hands and be sure to store them carefully in a storage box. For the most valuable collection, you may need to consider a climate controlled storage unit to prevent damage caused by moisture or humidity.

  • Coins

Finding a coin that is more valuable than its face value is a rare occurrence. However, if you do find one you’ll want to take every step to preserve it. Metals can be damaged by humidity, exposure to differing temperatures, air pollution and acids found in paper or cardboard. Storing a coin collection may therefore require a specialist coin album in an environment that avoids extremes of temperature. The loft or garage just won’t do when it comes to coins! For a large coin collection, a small storage unit may be required.

  • Dolls and Toys

Antique dolls and retro toys can be worth a small fortune. Toys from the Polly Pocket or Beanie Baby ranges have come in and out of fashion. Storing them until they peak again can be a great way to maximise the price you can demand of a buyer.

Original Star Wars toys and vintage Transformers sell well across the world. These toys should be carefully stored in protective materials to preserve their condition and maximise their value.

  • Wine

Wine improves with age, and so storing it properly is essential for preserving its taste, and therefore its value. A fine wine collection can be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. If you have a collection that you can no longer store at home, choosing a climate controlled storage space allows you to create your own wine cellar without taking over the spare bedroom.


As some collectibles can have a staggering worth, when investigating a self storage facility it is important to feel confident about the security systems in place.

At Stop and Store in Fareham, we offer 24 hours monitored CCTV, individual unit alarms and an intruder alarm. It may also be necessary to consider storage insurance for added peace of mind. This may cover against accidental damage when moving your collection within the facility, and even when transporting it between premises.

If you are looking for a storage rental near Whiteley, Lee-on-the-Solent or Portchester, give Stop and Store in Fareham a call today. With storage units ranging in size from 12 to 200 square feet, we can accommodate collectibles from the smallest collection to a lifetime’s work.