Do you seem to have loads of clothing cluttering up your home? Are your cupboards stuffed full of clothes? It is something that most of us experience – we have clothing lying around that we wear only during summer or winter, and we need to keep it safely when not in use. When considering that the weather in the UK is volatile and temperatures can range from single figures up to double figures in any season of the year, we need this range of clothing and footwear. After all, in a single day, we may need anything from a raincoat to protect us from the rain to something lighter when the sun comes out, as the temperatures fluctuate widely.

Most of us have a selection of clothing for each season. Our seasons are well-defined. Therefore in April when it starts to warm up, we take out our spring and summer wardrobe, for example,  dresses, t-shirts, shorts, and sandals. Then around October when the days get shorter and colder, we swap these for jackets, warm pants, hats, jumpers, scarves, and boots. Our seasonal wardrobes need to be kept safely somewhere. Some of us pack them in bags and stuff them under beds, on top of wardrobes, or anywhere there is a bit of space.

Storing clothes like this can damage them. To solve this problem of lack of storage space, people may resort to having a wholesale cleanout by throwing out stuff just because their cupboards and drawers are overflowing. But there is a better solution to this dilemma which will mean that you do not have to get rid of clothing items unnecessarily. Consider renting a self storage unit in a reputable facility. You can store  clothing items during the months you will not be needing them and swap them out when the seasons change. As long as you follow a few steps when storing your clothes, you can be sure that they will be in good condition and ready for you in a few months’ time.

How to Prepare Your Clothes for Storage

With a bit of careful preparation, you can be assured that your clothes will be in the same condition as they were when you put them away.

  1. Make Certain that Your Clothes are Clean and Dry

    Clothes should be cleaned by either washing or dry cleaning them, and properly dry before they are packed up for storage. Any dirty marks, stains, even the remnants of perfume or deodorant will cause set-in stains that will be permanent.

    Dirty clothes are more likely to attract pests such as moths and other insects. These can ruin your clothes, so this is another reason to make sure that you only store clean clothes.

    Make sure that your garments are properly dry before you store them. Any moisture that gets trapped, especially if you pack your clothes in a plastic bag, will cause mould and mildew to grow which will stain your clothes.

  2. Mend Damaged Clothes or Get Rid of Them

    If you have a favourite blouse or shirt that is missing a button, or have a dress where the seam is unravelling, do yourself a favour and repair them before you put them away. It will save you from doing the job when you get them out of storage. If you are sure that you will not wear an item of clothing again or it is too damaged, toss it out. It is not worth packing up items that you have no intention of wearing again.

  3. Store Seasonal Accessories

    If you have many accessories like matching shoes, bags, and scarves, pack them away with their matching seasonal wardrobe items and place them in your storage unit. Accessories take up a lot of space at home so instead of having them lie around at home unused and taking up valuable storage space, keep them with the rest of your seasonal wardrobe.

  4. Be as Organised as Possible.

    Pack your clothes and accessories up carefully so that they endure their storage. Use zippered garment bags to keep clothes from getting dusty and for keeping pests out. Hang your dresses and coats on a portable garment rail to keep them in good shape. You can even put temporary shelving up in your storage unit to organise your clothes on. Use rust-free plastic hangers.

  5. Choose Strong Cardboard Boxes or Plastic Containers

    These will ensure that your folded clothes are kept safely and will emerge looking their best. Plastic bins will keep your clothes safe from any pests, but if there is any moisture trapped in your clothing, you will have a problem with mould. Add a drying agent such as silica gel to plastic storage containers and bags.

  6. Add Pest Deterrents in Your Storage Containers

    Cedar blocks work if they smell strong enough. Otherwise buy an insect repellent from the pharmacy. A pest infestation in your belongings is a disaster as they will chew through the clothes leaving holes and making them unwearable.

  7. A Golden Rule – Make Sure That Your Containers and Boxes are Labelled

    This means that you will be able find anything you need quickly.

  8. Choose Your Self Storage Facility Carefully

    Opt for clean, dry, well-maintained storage units so you can be sure that your goods will be held in a clean environment.

Why Store Your Clothes at Stop & Store Fareham

If you are looking for the perfect solution to the storage of your clothing, renting a self storage unit in our facility may be your answer.

  • If security is your priority, we offer top security for your goods while in storage. Our facility has 24 hour monitored CCTV surveillance and an intruder alarm system.
  • We offer a range of unit sizes, from 12 sq ft to 200 sq ft, which means whether you need to store a few boxes of shoes or your entire winter wardrobe, you will find a size to suit you. We have a handy space calculator on our website to help with your decision.
  • On moving day, we can help you with a trolley to make it easier for you to move your goods into your unit.
  • Please check out what our customers say about us by reading their reviews on our website.

Our storage facility is situated in the Fareham Shopping Centre, with easy access to load and unload your belongings. Please ask us about our monthly specials. Self storage may be more reasonable than you think!

Please contact us on Tel: 01329 556174.  We look forward to hearing from you.