Keeping a garden looking good takes continuous work. The reward is a garden filled with beauty and life that is an asset to any property. Naturally, the right tools are needed to maintain it and keep it looking that way. Storing these tools could be a bit of a headache as they take up space and need looking after as they are valuable.

Self storage is the one place where lawn and garden equipment will be completely protected. However, before storing them, it is essential to know how to store lawn and garden equipment in a self storage unit.

Besides the aesthetics, a peaceful garden that is alive with nature brings a certain charm to the home. It’s a place to de-stress and enjoy and bond with nature too.

A well manicured lawn is an inviting outdoor playroom for children with bat and ball, spending hours energetically engaged in their fantasy games.

The lawn and garden equipment required for garden maintenance will be used often in spring and summer, but as the days start to chill, the garden stops growing, and the tools can be stored until the next season.

Stop & Store Penrith offers the solution to providing seasonal storage for them, getting them out of the way at home, and saving some space in your garage or wherever else you store them. Making the best use of the space offered by our self storage units is achieved by preparing and storing the lawn and garden equipment correctly.

Lawn and Garden Equipment for Different Uses

The variety of tools needed depends on the size and complexity of the garden.

  • A neat lawn is a necessity and involves a lawnmower, which could be a push type or a ride-on. Lawn care is very visible, so a lawn needs to be mowed regularly to the appropriate height and given proper fertilization and aeration.
  • Lawn edges are cut using a trimmer or weed eater, with a trimmer nylon line to do the work and keep the edges neat.
  • Save time removing fallen leaves using a leaf blower. This useful tool will help clear areas where fallen leaves are lying, putting them into piles for you to remove.
  • A hedge trimmer and a chainsaw are necessities for cutting away your summer growth and keeping the garden from looking unkempt.
  • Irrigation equipment in the form of hoses and sprinklers is used to keep the garden moist and should be rolled up and kept safely when not in use.
  • Pruners and loppers are useful for trimming small branches and new shoots that are hanging or protruding into pathways or obscuring a view.
  • Wheelbarrows are also essential for carrying debris, compost, and conveying new plants into the garden.
  • Rakes and shovels are required to do the digging and leveling and are to be kept safely in the tool shed.

Choose a Self Storage Facility for Lawn and Garden Equipment

Upon deciding to store your lawn and garden equipment in self storage, ideally, you’d need a self storage unit nearby for convenience. The following checks are recommended to give you an idea of what to look for in the best self storage facility nearby.

  • Check what other people recommend. Look at reviews to help get feedback on their experiences.
  • Ask about the kind of security measures that are in place. Access gates, perimeter fencing, cameras, and monitoring systems all tell a story. If possible, look for yourself.
  • Enquire about internal insulation against external temperatures, as this should be a given at least for your requirements.
  • Are there a variety of different-sized units available? Choose the right one for your needs as you do not want a unit that is too big and will cost more.
  • Ask for the rental price and about any deals on offer. A competitive storage facility may be prepared to negotiate to be competitive.
  • Call the storage facility and speak to them. This will give you an idea of who you are dealing with and what their customer service is like.

Why is Self Storage ideal for the Equiment Storage?

All the factors that point to the suitability of lawn and garden equipment for self storage are in place:

  • All the security measures that are in place make it extremely safe for valuable tools and equipment like these.
  • The lawn and garden equipment are stored in an insulated environment, away from the weather and its harsh elements.
  • In the winter months, especially when this equipment is not needed, it is out of the way and frees up space at home.
  • With a nearby self storage unit, if something is needed it is just a matter of hopping into the car and going to fetch it. The long access hours and the proximity make it easy to do so.

A reputable self storage facility with a good track record will guarantee that your lawn and garden equipment will be safe and well looked after during storage. Before storing your equipment, make sure to clean and prepare it properly to prevent any issues while it’s not in use.

Last Checks before You Store Your Lawn and Garden equipment

Right! You are getting ready to put your equipment into self storage. But before you do that, there are some last checks to do:

  • No fuel is to be left in any of the motorized pieces of equipment. It means draining the lawnmower, chainsaw, and anything else that uses oil or fuel.
  • Ensure that the equipment is in good order by having it serviced before going into storage so that it is in good working order in the new season.
  • Sharpen any blades or chains that may have taken a bit of wear and tear during the past season.
  • Drain the irrigation equipment and hoses, you don’t want any water running into your storage area.
  • Clean everything thoroughly, removing any sign of debris or dirt on rakes, shovels, and all the motorized equipment.

Having chosen the best self storage facility near you, load up and safely store them until needed again.

We are ready to assist you with the storage of your lawn and garden equipment. All you need to do is to call Stop & Store Penrith.

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