As a business owner, you know how important it is to keep your inventory and stock organised so that it is easily accessible. But you may only have limited storage space in your office, home, or retail store for storing inventory. Lack of storage space can quickly become overwhelming, but before this happens, consider using a self storage facility as a solution to your business inventory problem.

For a business to be successful, it is critical to maintaining an accurate inventory. If your space is limited you need to think of ways to store your inventory so you can easily keep track of it. Inefficiency in this aspect of your business can quickly impact negatively on your accounting process and harm your business.

Renting a self storage unit will free up space at your workplace. You will be able to keep your inventory secure and organised. If you need a storage solution for a short time or even need a permanent place to keep it, consider using a self storage unit. Once you have discovered how hassle-free the entire self storage experience is, you will wonder why you never did it before.

What Happens When a Business Runs Out of Storage Space?

When we look at why adequate space is needed when running a business, the answer is straightforward:

Gearing up stock levels when your business is growing ensures that you can deliver orders to your customer’s satisfaction. Unfortunately, customers don’t understand if you are out of stock, or the delivery is not done when promised. This often happens when there is bad stock management.

It all comes down to stock management. Good stock management is achieved when there is sufficient storage space for the stock. The storage space is also required to be well organised. To help staff do their jobs smoothly in a storage area, tools like stock scanners and stock management systems are needed. Mechanical handling like forklifts is a great help if your stock is stored on pallets.

In this way, managing stock becomes a breeze. Customers are happy, deliveries go out on time. Stock control systems help keep costs down, and they are geared to ensure that customer demand is met.

Having enough space also gives an opportunity to allocate enough room for the ease to pick orders efficiently. For example, having a designated space for the company’s fastest-selling products ensures a rapid turnaround of deliveries of top-selling lines. End result: satisfied customers, and good cash flow for the business.

When a business runs out of space, inventory management ends up a mess, orders go awry, the stock can’t be found quickly, and stock records are inaccurate. This leads to overstocking of slow-moving products and out-of-stock situations.

What this causes is that it becomes a financial burden for the business, customers start complaining and orders get canceled. All the good intentions of growing the business are not realized.

Why Use Self Storage for Business Inventory?

Lack of space as a business owner is a concern. You may be working out of your home and need extra space to keep stuff before it takes over your house. Or if you are in the retail business, you may have extra inventory at certain times of the year that you need to keep somewhere.

It is not always the right business decision to hire a larger office, or warehousing if you need extra storage space. The extra money it costs to hire expensive commercial space may be better utilized by investing it in stock. So rent a self storage unit instead to assist your bottom line by not paying office or retail rental rates for storage space.

Benefits of Storing Business Inventory Off-Site in Self Storage

  • It frees up space at your office or other business location. This allows you to have a more organised and clutter-free work environment which helps your employees become more productive.
  • When your inventory is stored in an organised manner, you can track and retrieve items easily. So instead of wasting time searching for items, employees can locate products quickly which leads to improved efficiency.
  • Using a self storage facility is more cost-effective than renting commercial space, whether it be extra office space, retail space, or warehousing. There are no long-term lease agreements to be signed for the self storage facility, and no hefty deposits to be paid. This will surely help with the cash flow of your business.
  • When your business grows, and the inventory increases you can increase the size of the unit you hired very easily. The same applies if you need to downsize. So you pay for the sized unit you need and for the time that you need it. You are not locked into a long-term lease.

Tips for Keeping Your Business Inventory Organised in Self Storage

When storing your business inventory off-site, it is important to keep it well organised and properly packed away. Effective inventory management is crucial for any business that stores products.

  1. Correct labelling and proper packaging. This will ensure that your products are protected during transport, and easily identifiable once in storage. Using good quality packaging materials will protect fragile items. There are inventory management systems available that will help with tracking and managing inventory levels.
  2. Use sturdy containers for any product that you intend to keep long term.
  3. Use vertical space by installing removable shelving. For seasonal stock use mobile shelving and mobile rails for clothing.
  4. Make a floor plan of what you have stored where and leave aisles so that you can locate stock easily.
  5. Place the best sellers close to the front. Group items that sell together and categorize them further by product type and location. These steps will make it easier to locate specific items when they are needed.

Why Use Stop & Store Fareham

  • The security of your belongings is our priority, so our storage facility is fully secured with monitored CCTV and intruder alarms. You can therefore be assured that your inventory will be safe from theft.
  • We offer easy access to the units for convenient loading and off-loading, and we are centrally located.
  • Our units, which vary in size from 12 sq. ft. to 200 sq. ft., are modern, steel-partitioned rooms that are clean, dry, and secure.
  • Rentals are available from one month to as long as you need.

Please contact us on 01329 556174 for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

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