You may have wondered if self storage is a suitable place to store bicycles. We will see that bicycle storage in a self storage unit is an incredibly clever idea. This is not only from a safety point of view but also because a self storage unit is well suited to the kind of environment where bicycles will not incur any damage.

Bicycles these days are sophisticated and expensive, and depending on the specific type, they require maintenance and preparation before they are put away in storage. As a wonderful way to get around, these two-wheelers are immensely popular and provide good exercise and fun when in use.

However, to ensure secure bicycle storage and to be kept in good condition, they need to be stored properly so that they can be enjoyed on their next trip. Stop & Store Penrith is a popular storage center for homeowners, visitors, and businesses in the central Cumbria area offering secure bicycle storage.

Here, bicycles are a popular way to get around the North Lakes conservancy areas, on trails, and through nature. Bicycles come in several types, each type is designed for specific purposes and terrains.

Different Bicycles for Different Uses

Not all bicycles are designed to win the Tour de France. These sleek racing bikes are very sophisticated in their design and advanced in their features. Road bikes are less advanced but are lightweight and their features allow for speed and efficiency on paved roads. With narrow tires and drop handlebars, these bikes are popular amongst those who like long rides and endurance testing.

Mountain bikes are popular for off-road riding. They have robust frames, wider tires with knobby treads, and front and rear suspension. They are excellent for the kind of terrain in the North Lakes District, and many can be seen on a good day out.

More recently we have seen the emergence of hybrid bikes, which are a combination of a road bike and a mountain bike. This makes them more adaptable for off-road and on-road use and is good for a multitude of uses.

The bike universally used to get around in a city is a commuter bike. It has an uncomplicated design and is the cheaper original of all the models mentioned here. Lastly, a BMX bike is one used for shows and jumps and is a sporty bike often used in competitions at dirt tracks and skate parks.

Bike Maintenance and Care

Before putting a bike into storage, like any other thing that goes into storage, it must be storage ready. In self storage terms it means” what you put in; you get out later.” Simply put, to ensure that the bicycle being stored comes out in perfect condition, before going into storage, make sure it’s in good condition first.

Checks to do on your bike before storage:

  • Clean the bike thoroughly to remove dirt, mud, and debris.
  • Make sure the bike is dry to prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Check the bike’s overall condition, including the frame, wheels, and other components, for any signs of damage.
  • Inspect and fix if required the bike’s drivetrain, including the chain, cassette, and chainrings if it has them, depending on the type of bike.
  • Inspect the bike’s brake pads, cables, and calipers, and replace them if worn.
  • Before storage check the bike’s headset, bottom bracket, and wheel bearings, and lubricate them if required.

These tips are essential for guaranteeing the safety and longevity of the bicycle. It is also an idea to consult a bike mechanic for inspection and service from time to time.

Choose a Storage Facility for the Safe Storage of Bicycles

Choosing self storage as a good place to store bicycles when not in use is a good decision for many reasons. But before you do check out the storage facility make sure it offers the following

  • Nearby location: Look for a facility that is conveniently located, so you can easily access your bikes when needed.
  • Good security: Ensure the facility has reliable security measures in place to protect your valuable belongings.
  • Insulation: If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, consider opting for a unit that will safeguard your bikes from temperature and humidity fluctuations. Good self storage units are insulated from the outside weather.
  • Ask about size and cost: Select a storage unit that accommodates all your bicycles and fits within your budget.

Why is Self Storage ideal for Bicycle Storage?

Given the cost of high-end bicycles, finding a safe place for secure bicycle storage is a priority for their owners. This on its own is the reason why a secure self-storage unit is the first choice. It ensures they are safe and protected from potential theft or damage.

Self Storage offers the following:

  • Security cover includes access control, CCTV surveillance, and monitoring.
  • Cladded container storage or climate control offers protection from outside temperatures and weather conditions.
  • A choice of unit sizes helps you get exactly the space you need for your bicycle storage needs.
  • Cheap storage like no other. Undoubtedly the best price option for storage.
  • Store when you need a month at a time, for the season you need.
  • Location and accessibility are something that self storage facilities are renowned for. Find one near you.

Last Checks Before You Store Your Bicycle

Having chosen the best self storage facility near you, do the last bicycle checks when proceeding to the storage facility:

  • Recheck for cleanliness and do the final checks on the working parts.
  • Make sure the tires are inflated to their correct pressure.
  • The suspension may need to be adjusted according to the manufacturer’s requirements.
  • Raise the bike off the ground using a tire stand.
  • Have a cover handy to cover the bike before you exit the self storage unit.

Having heeded all these precautions, anyone wanting to safely store their bicycle should be able to store bicycles in self storage without damage.

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