Renting a storage unit is becoming a popular way to both save money and even earn a little extra money too. With numerous self storage premises available nationwide, finding a storage unit near you has never been easier. There are three main ways to save and make money by renting storage, and our guide can help you to easily maximise your money with minimal stress.

1. Getting a Storage Unit on a Budget

If you are looking to save money, the last thing you want to do is blow your budget on the cost of renting a storage room. Luckily, affordable units are available in many facilities allowing you to pay a small weekly or monthly sum to keep your possessions safe. There’s no point in paying for more space than you need, so to keep storage costs down select the smallest storage unit possible to meet your needs. If you will not need to access any individual items, careful stacking of boxes and crates from floor to ceiling will allow you to maximise the space available. Even the smallest units can hold a significant volume when tightly packed. self storage corridor

Many storage facilities advertise introductory offers or discounts on long term storage. There’s no harm in shopping around to get the price you want, and if you find storage cheaper elsewhere, consider asking if the company you want can match a competitor’s price. Be sure to ask about any hidden costs before signing up to storage, including insurance, deposits, or purchase of padlocks.

If you require regular access to your storage unit, it makes practical and financial sense to use a facility close to your home or business. A long drive on a regular basis will cost you in terms of both time and fuel, and so paying a little bit extra for a local storage unit may actually make more financial sense. If you are in need of long-term storage and will not need regular access, considering a cheaper storage unit further away is a great option.

A cheaper alternative to renting a small storage unit is to share a larger unit with a trusted friend or relative. You can rent double the space for less than half the price, meaning both of you are getting a better deal.

Once you have booked a storage unit, put a date in your diary for when you anticipate ending your contract. Only use your storage for as long as you need it, and try not to become complacent about paying the weekly costs. As soon as you no longer require storage, you’ll want to stop paying for it!

2. How Using Storage Can Save You Money

Many of us have items in our homes that we no longer use but want to keep hold of for the future. Nursery furniture and children’s toys and clothes represent an expensive investment and one that you wouldn’t want to make again if you were to have another child. Storing these items in your house, however, can take up valuable space and make it feel cluttered. Placing the items into storage can save you money whilst giving you much needed space at home. And whenever you next need the baby paraphernalia, you can access it straight away.

 Pink and White Ceramic Pig Coin BankIf you have a large number of books or have acquired large pieces of furniture, you may feel that the house you live in needs to be a certain size. However, self storage can allow you to downsize without selling your possessions. If you place some items into storage, you may find you can live comfortably in a far smaller property and therefore pay less rent or mortgage each month.

In the summer months, many of us enjoy the use of garden furniture, parasols and barbeques, but when the winter comes around it can be difficult to store them. Furniture and lawnmowers can become damaged even when stored under a tarpaulin, and this can reduce the lifespan of your items. Using a storage unit keeps your garden accessories dry, safe, and means you’re less likely to need to pay for replacements the following summer.

Storage units are becoming multi-functional, and some freelance workers choose to set up their unit as their own private office. Often cheaper than paying for a desk space or hotdesking, a cheap storage unit can allow you to work productively free from office distractions.

Whilst it’s common knowledge that buying in bulk can save you money, most of us don’t have space to store large quantities of household items. Renting a budget storage unit can give you the space you need to buy bulky items including toilet rolls, dry foodstuffs such as pasta and rice, nappies and laundry detergent in far larger quantities resulting in savings that exceed the cost of storage. You can then access the storage unit to retrieve small amounts of each household product as required.

3. How Using Storage Can Help You Make Money

If you decide to go traveling or need to move away for a career opportunity or transfer, it can make financial sense to rent your home out rather than leave it empty. Renting your property can bring in a significant income, but there may be some items within your home that you want to keep secure. Antique furniture, jewellery and possessions with sentimental value can all be safely cared for in secure storage whilst you are away from your home. If you wish to rent your property out as an unfurnished rental, you could move all of your possessions to a self storage unit so that you know they will be safely stored for a reasonable price.

If you plan to sell your house, ensuring it is in the most presentable condition can help secure a sale. Reducing clutter by removing excess furniture, toys or sports equipment can make your home feel more spacious, and help show it off to its full potential. Prospective buyers are likely to make a higher offer on a well-presented home, and this offer will likely be far higher than short term costs incurred by renting storage.

When you use a storage unit for your possessions, it is likely that you will feel motivated to declutter. Decluttering before moving to storage can allow you to sell unwanted possessions and earn some extra cash. Even if you only sell each item for a few pounds, the amount you make can soon add up.

With affordable storage available nationwide, choosing a storage unit could help you both save and make money. Careful planning can allow you to use your storage unit so that it is financially advantageous in just a very short space of time.