So, you are thinking of the best, most secure storage options for your collection of long-playing records or those frail antiques that you have inherited? Well, you could be like the many others who have valuable collections and are seeking secure self storage options.

And it is quite right because when we have possessions of value that we want to keep secure, we should think carefully about the best storage for them. The storage environment you choose should be well suited to the requirement of preserving what you value and have as yours to cherish. Secure storage is the number one priority.

As there are a number of variations and options of storage that can be chosen, a checklist will help decide when making the decision about where to store something. Some materials are more robust than others and could be stored out in the open, while others need a controlled environment to preserve their integrity.

At Stop & Store Penrith our storage facility has been designed to give you the best storage conditions, suitable for almost any materials from records to appliances.

When making a decision about self storage, there are many factors to consider. From security to convenience – it’s essential to find the right place for you. When choosing the right storage facility, make sure you think about all the factors relevant to you.

The Right Environmental Conditions

When looking for the right secure storage environment it’s wise to do the right checks upfront to ensure that you are going to choose the right one. Any one of the following factors can spoil the contents:

  • Excessive temperature
  • High levels of humidity
  • Contamination and damage by pests
  • Exposure to light

Storage units are either climate controlled or have thermal insulation, or both to help regulate and maintain the ambient temperature inside the storage unit. Contents do not respond well to swings in temperature, so it is preferable to keep the inside temperature as stable as possible. In this way, there will be no degradation caused to the contents.

When looking at storage options like using a basement or attic, history has told us that these are not ideal places to choose for storage, especially in an attic, because of the proximity of the roof. It is in direct contact with the sun’s rays and is likely to cause excessive heat buildup. Not only that the roof could develop a leak and water could cause the humidity to rise, and any direct contact with the stored contents could very well cause damage. Not only that, but mold is also likely to develop and, especially since it’s a place that is hardly visited, detrimental things could go on with you blissfully unaware of the harm being caused.

The Right Secure Environment

As with anything of value, naturally, it is very important to keep security in mind. Losing something that is expensive or irreplaceable or even a document that is to be kept by law can result in considerable stress.

Secure storage is vital, and combining this with the right environmental conditions, your decision should be made a whole lot easier. Good security may come at a cost, but consider the cost of losing something of importance: is it worth being penny wise and pound foolish?

The design of a good self storage facility like the one you can expect to find at Stop & Store Lowestoft has secure storage as its top priority. Consider this when comparing a garage, basement, attic, or storage space at work, all of which are common places of storage.

When making the inquiry, ask how the perimeter is secured, where the storage units are located and what the access procedures are, and how the storage facility is monitored. All of these are important. When looking for the ideal answer you should be quite satisfied with what you are told.

One of the most important considerations is monitoring, which you won’t readily get anywhere else. Stop & Store Penrith uses a sophisticated CCTV system that monitors the facility and the storage units on a 24/7 basis.

Storage Control Conditions

As we spoke about access and control, consider that in the case of the other options, like a garage or place of storage at work. How many people have access to that space, and can it be guaranteed that everything will be safe?

Of course, one can never monitor these places, and in many cases, you must rely on the trust factor and hope that nothing disappears.

By considering a self storage unit you are taking all the guesswork out of the equation. It becomes a matter of one keyholder, that’s you, with a key you have bought for the secure storage unit door, while the outer conditions are doubly secured by the self storage facility.

Self storage is highly affordable, being the cheapest form of storage per square foot. If in doubt call a self storage facility and get a quotation.

What is Self Storage Suited For?

The wide variety of users clearly demonstrates that it is suited for almost everything and everyone. Self storage is normally a number one choice, which should come to mind immediately secure storage is needed.

If your need is to archive records, a self storage facility should satisfy the requirements of the law that covers the storage of these documents:

  • It is required to have measures in place to prevent access by unauthorized people.
  • As a self-storage unit has no windows, it ticks this box too.
  • There should be controlled access with a visitors’ record system in place.

As much as self storage is suitable in many applications, it is also affordable. The storage facility at Stop & Store Penrith is well situated for users and would-be users in the Cumbria region.

Check out the incentives, normally associated with longer storage terms at Stop & Store. Please don’t worry about long term commitments or the need to put down large rental deposits.

Simply call us or go online and do your booking. If you are unsure of the costs, or which of the three-sized units to reserve, then by all means give us a call on 01768 800291 or find us on