The rental sector accounts for a large proportion of homes in the UK. In 2020, the Office for National Statistics estimated that around 20% of homes are rented privately, with a further 17% of people living in social housing. Many of us dream of owning our own home, but saving for a deposit can feel impossible. In 2018, The Guardian estimated that one in three UK millennials will never own their own home. Self Storage Fareham

Whilst paying rent, it can be difficult to afford household accessories that would help your rental property feel like ‘home’. However, there are some easy ways to transform your home without breaking the bank. Whether you plan to own your own property or remain a long-term renter, making small changes can help you put your stamp on somewhere without upsetting your landlord.

  1. Pinterest and Instagram

    If you’re not a particularly creative person, it doesn’t matter! It’s 2021, and there are plenty of people online who are doing all the hard work so that you don’t have to. Get yourself a Pinterest or Instagram account, and begin searching for interior design ideas. Within minutes, you can search for scatter cushions, clever storage or stylish lighting ideas to start making a rental your own.

  2. Colour

    After a while, white or magnolia walls can really start to grate on you. This is especially true if your landlord hasn’t touched up scuffs, marks or damage from the previous tenants. Depending on your landlord, you may be able to negotiate re-painting certain rooms. You probably already have a good idea of what your landlord’s response might be, but it’s always worth asking. Some landlords will allow you to freshen up the walls if you use the same colour, whereas others may let you choose a new colour (within reason).

  3. Gallery Walls

    If your landlord declines your request to re-paint, don’t be disheartened as you can still add your own style to the walls. Gallery walls involve affixing numerous frames to the wall to create a feature wall. The frames might contain photos or posters, but could also be more creative or artistic. Try framing postcards, ticket stubs, coasters and even napkins to inject your personality into the room. If you’re not allowed to drill or hammer into the walls, use an adhesive picture hanging system which can be removed without trace when you leave.

  4. Wallpaper

    If your landlord said no to painting the walls, then they’re unlikely to agree to wallpaper. However, removable wallpaper has risen in popularity for exactly this reason. Create a feature wall, or wallpaper an entire room. When it’s time to move on, the wallpaper can be removed by unpeeling it from the wall like a giant sticker.

    And whilst we’re talking about stickers, wall stickers are not just for kids! Large decals or murals can be purchased to add a feature to any room in the house.

  5. Bookcases

    Bookcases can double up as storage units, too. If your novels don’t fill an entire bookcase, you can display photographs or add small storage boxes to hide chargers, stationary or paperwork. Putting several bookcases along one wall can give you a creative feature wall, too.

  6. Floor

    If the floor of your rental is tired or not to your taste, take steps to hide it. A runner in the hallway or a rug in the living room can make your home feel more stylish and modern.

    If there is flooring elsewhere that you don’t like, you could consider temporary fixes to cover it. Linoleum flooring can be laid on top of some existing floors, but you’ll need to make sure it can be removed when you move out.

  7. Plants

    Plants are one of the best ways of transforming your home. They instantly bring a smile to your face! If you don’t have a garden, having a few pot plants inside is a great way of still having access to nature.

    Plants are a healthy choice. The Lung Institute states that they can increase oxygen levels indoors to foster health and wellbeing. This increase in oxygen may even help if you are struggling to get a good night’s sleep. If you’re new to plants, ask at your local garden centre for hardy houseplant recommendations and let your love affair with indoor plants begin!

  8. Lighting

    If your rental feels a bit dark and gloomy, feature lighting is the way forward. You can’t rewire the property, but you can add tripod lamps, side table lighting and even removable under-counter lights to brighten up the kitchen.

    Lights not only make a house feel more open and spacious but allow you to select your own style and add to that feeling of ‘home’.

  9. Storage Crates

    If you’ve moved between rental properties, you’re probably used to having items that had their own space in one house, but don’t in another. Ornaments, DVDs and photo albums may need to be placed into storage boxes or crates until you have the space to display them again. The crates can be as functional or as ornate as you want them to be, and it’s up to you to decide if you want tessellating storage boxes, or an antique trunk.

  10. Smart Storage Fareham

    Multi-functional furniture is a great way to save space. Ottoman beds and footstools offer ‘hidden’ storage for shoes, bedding or electricals. Folding dining chairs can be put away when not needed, and extending dining tables are ideal for everyday use. Furniture with a dual purpose can combine storage with function. For example, choosing a slim bookcase instead of a bedside table means you can store books, toiletries and even clothing, as well as having space for your book and a glass of water at night.

Stop and Store Storage Fareham

Despite your best efforts, you may find that you have more than you can accommodate in a rental property. Budget storage is a great way to safely store belongings that you will want in the future, but can’t squeeze into your home. At Stop and Store self storage Fareham, your personal storage room can be accessed seven days a week so you can still access your possessions whenever they are required.

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