If you have never used a self storage unit before and you are not at all familiar as to how it can solve your storage problems, we’ve got some tips on how to get going.

Self storage has multiple uses, some of which may surprise you. Renting a storage unit is a great way to make your life easier.

6 Reasons to Rent a Self Storage Unit

These are some of the most common reasons that people give when they rent a self storage unit at Stop & Store Fareham.

  • Moving House

Packing up your home to move to a new one can be stressful. You may need space to store stuff while you pack up – renting a self storage unit will give you this space until you are ready to move into your new house. Your self storage unit will be a lifesaver if your dates of moving out of your old address don’t coincide with moving into your new home.

At least you will have a place to keep your belongings in the interim.

  • Redecorating or Renovating Your Home

Once you have decided to renovate or redecorate, you will need to make space for the builders, painters, and other tradespeople to carry out their work. So consider hiring a self storage unit to keep your furniture for the duration of the work. This removes the chance of your furniture and belongings being damaged by workers as it will be safely out of the way.

  • A Change in Your Relationship Status

When you move in with a partner you are sure to find that some of your belongings are duplicated. If you are not ready to get rid of these permanently, keep them in a storage unit until you decide what to do with them.
If you are divorcing and need to move out of a shared home, you may need a self storage unit to store some of your belongings until you have made alternative living arrangements.

  • An Addition to your Family

If you are expecting a baby, you need to make space at home for the new arrival, and you will be amazed at how much stuff such a small human needs! Store any furniture – such as spare beds and cabinets in a self storage unit. As your baby grows you will need these items back again. You can also use it to store any items you need to remove as you child proof your home.

  • Managing a Deceased Estate

Having to deal with a death in the family is never easy and dealing with their possessions can be very emotional. A self storage unit can help by providing you the space to keep these belongings while giving you the time to decide what to do with them.

  • Managing Business Stocks and Archives

If your retail store has run out of space to keep inventory, renting a self storage unit makes sense. It is much cheaper than renting extra retail space or warehouse space, and your stored goods will also be safe from theft.
Many professionals such as accountants and solicitors are required by law to keep documents safely archived for many years in case they are required to produce them by officials. Many offices just do not have the space to keep these important documents and hiring extra office space is expensive. By packing them in a self storage unit these important documents can be kept safely for as long as is needed.

What To Look for in a Self Storage Facility

The site at Stop & Store Fareham puts customer needs first – we’ve prioritized our customers needs while designing the whole site. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right self-storage facility, these include:

1. Security

The most important feature of a storage facility is what security they offer their customers. After all, your possessions are worth a lot of money and mean a lot to you, so you do not want your unit to be broken into and your stuff stolen.

2. Access Rules

You need to know what hours you can access your unit to pick up or drop off items. Is it business hours only, or are they open after hours and on weekends?
You also need to make sure that access to the facility is strictly controlled to keep out any intruders.

3. Breakdown of Fees

Find out what your monthly fee covers and if there are any hidden costs. Take extra care with this if the price is substantially lower than other facilities in the area.

4. Choice of Size

Self storage units are quoted per square foot, so you do not want to pay for more space than you need. Find out how many different sized units your chosen facility offers.

5. Discounts

Look on the storage facility’s website for any specials or discounts on offer for booking online.

6. Look for Extras

The facility may have a packaging store onsite for your packaging needs. Find out if they offer help with your loading and unloading in the form of having a trolley available.

If you are expecting parcels to be delivered, they may offer a reception service. They may also offer a mail reception service – similar to a PO box.

7. Flexibility of Leasing

You may not wish to be locked into a long term lease so make sure that you only have to keep your unit for as long as you wish.

8. Ease of Booking and Payment

An online booking and easy payment system means that everything can be done online.

Why Use Stop & Store Fareham

Our self storage facility, situated in the heart of Fareham, is perfect for first time customers as we offer so many benefits.

  • We offer top security so that you need not be concerned about the safety of your goods. Our security measures include monitored CCTV cameras 24/7. We also have intruder alarms and access is strictly limited.
  • We have a simple state-of-the-art booking system which allows you to book and pay online. Once we receive your payment, we email you your own PIN code and you have immediate access to your unit.
  • Our steel partitioned lockable units are dry and safe. These are ideal conditions to keep your belongings from being damaged by moisture or pests.
  • We have a number of units of different sizes, if you are not sure what size unit you need, check out the space calculator on our website. If you need any assistance with your choice, we will be happy to help you.

Please check our website for any specials we may be running and for what our customers are saying about us.

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