It is difficult to know how good the self storage company you choose is until your storage experience is over. No two self storage facilities are the same even though their setups may look similar. So, isn’t it advisable to select the right one in the first place?

When spending money on a self storage rental the most important thing that you’d want is for your stored goods to be safe. But safety is only one of the factors when it comes to having a good self storage experience. There are many more and if you know what they are, then you can ask the right questions and do your research beforehand.

While it may be hard to define the best self storage company, we will give you a list of criteria against which you can judge them for yourself. At Stop & Store Penrith we monitor ourselves against these criteria to ensure that we are as close to the top of the list as possible.

When looking for secure storage in Penrith and its surrounds, Stop & Store ticks all the boxes. Here’s what to look for when choosing the best self storage company:

The First Impression of Best Self Storage Company

No matter what business it is, when buying a service or a product, a good deal of customer satisfaction comes from the way a customer is treated. In the end, you’d like to ask yourself whether you mattered and whether the service provider appreciated your business.

Gut feelings cannot be ignored, especially when you first contact the storage facility. How you are treated when you enquire gives you an insight into how the self storage experience is going to be. Do the staff take forever to answer the phone, or answer your query?

What sort of reception do you get when you ask the questions? Are the answers honest and detailed enough for your liking?

These are indicators of what to expect. When choosing the best self storage company, service excellence will start from the first point of contact until you have left the storage facility. The best self storage company will deliver consistently throughout the storage period, making you not doubt yourself as to whom you would use again.

The Ten Top Selection Criteria for Best Self Storage Company

There are ten top selection criteria when choosing a self storage company. The research can be done electronically and telephonically, using this useful guide.

  1. Proximity and Convenience

    As you’d want to have access to the self storage unit rental on occasions when you need something or want to make use of the space for other activities, it should be situated near home or work.

    This proximity will help save time and costs getting there and will be a convenient extra space for storage on hand when you need it.

  2. Secure Storage

    The best self storage facilities have invested in up-to-date security monitoring equipment and put all the other measures in place. These include gated access, well-protected boundary fences, good lighting for illumination at night, and measures to protect the storage facility from unauthorized persons accessing the premises.

    The best self storage facility should have a clean record of security violations, so where possible check their record.

  3. Housekeeping

    The state of the storage facility tells one a lot about the care and commitment of the storage company to its business. Cleanliness and safety go hand in hand, and good maintenance and well-tended surrounds will help create the impression needed for you to decide when choosing the best self storage company.

  4. Variety of Size Options

    As there is no need to pay more than is needed, matching load size to storage unit size is what can be done if the storage facility has a variety of size options available. Ask the question and when in doubt, get the staff to advise on their availability so that you can plan.

  5. Temperature Regulation

    Renting a self-storage unit that is climate-controlled may cost more than one that is well-insulated. Make sure that the storage facility you choose offers the kind of temperature insulation you require. This will help secure your goods from the temperature fluctuations of the external atmosphere and provide the protection they need.

  6. Check References

    Opinions of others also help form an opinion when choosing the best self storage company. This is obtained from direct inputs from someone who has used a self storage facility, or in their absence reading the reviews posted on the website of the prospective self storage company.

  7. Pricing and Transparency 

    A good self storage company will be prepared to be customer focused when it comes to pricing and have creative pricing options. These will be designed to attract customers while at the same time being more competitive than others.

    Ask for a copy of their contract to ensure that everything about the self storage rental is transparent. In this way, you won’t be in for any surprises at the end.

  8. Good Personal Service 

    We take it for granted that every business should offer good personal service, but this isn’t always the case. This was spoken about earlier; this often tells you what to expect during your stay and it starts right from the first contact. That element of good old-fashioned service is what you’d expect when choosing the best self-storage company.

  9. Added Extras

    A great self storage company will either offer extras, like packing supplies, transport, or other forms of assistance or be ready to find what you are looking for readily.

  10. Insurance Protection

    Whilst insurance is purely optional, a dedicated self storage company will offer you advice about the subject, where you can get it, and why it is perhaps important to cover the value of your goods while in self storage. Enquire about insurance before you take a self storage rental and follow their advice if you need to.

When looking for secure storage in Penrith, choose Stop & Store Penrith. You’ll thank us.

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